Ovarian Cyst in Spanish

Ovarian Cyst in Spanish

How do you say ‘ovarian cyst in Spanish?’. ‘Ovarian cyst’ are specifically fluid-filled sacs or pouches in or on an ovary. Each woman has two ovaries the size and shape of an almond and they are located on either side of the uterus. It is from here that the eggs are produced, mature and released in monthly cycles during the fertile years of the woman.

Many of the women are affected by ovarian cysts at some point in life. Most of these ovarian cysts are uncomfortable but harmless and disappear without treatment within a few months.

Ovarian Cyst in Spanish

How to translate ovarian cyst in Spanish?

ovarian cyst – quiste ovárico


Lily: Carlos, me detectaron un quiste ovárico | Carlos, I was detected an ovarian cyst

Carlos: Lo siento mucho amor, ¿cuál es el tratamiento que debes de hacer? | I’m so sorry love, what is the treatment you should do?


El doctor me detectó un quiste ovárico
El quiste ovárico está creciendo
Juana tiene un quiste ovárico
Tener un quiste ovárico puede dar dolor
Los quistes ováricos por lo general no son malignos


The doctor detected an ovarian cyst
The ovarian cyst is growing
Juana has an ovarian cyst
Having an ovarian cyst can cause pain
Ovarian cysts are generally not malignant

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