Animals in Spanish

animals in spanish

It’s time to learn about animals in Spanish. You might not be aware that there are such words; however, learning the vocabulary of animals can make you understand some of what you hear when speaking Spanish. There are also many words related to farm animals that can help you get a better grip on the language.

Animals in Spanish
Animals in Spanish

How do you say animals in Spanish?

There are countless species and animals on earth. They play a significant role in ecological development.
You may not be familiar with all of these animals in Spanish, but you should begin to familiarize yourself with them if you are planning to study Spanish. To give you an idea of some of the more common ones, here is a full list of some basic animals that you will likely encounter.

Basic animals in Spanish | Animals in Spanish with pronunciation

Below you will find the names of the most popular animals in Spanish.
bee in spanish

Abeja (Bee)

eagle in spanish

Águila (Eagle)

spider in spanish

Araña (Spider)

chipmunk in spanish

Ardilla (Chipmunk)

ostrich in spanish

Avestruz (Ostrich)

donkey in spanish


horse in spanish, farm animals in Spanish

Caballo (Horse)

alligator in spanish

Caimán (Alligator)

kangaroo in spanish


pig in spanish, list of animals in Spanish


goat in spanish

Chivo, Cabra (Goat)

crocodile in spanish

Cocodrilo (Crocodile)

rabbit in spanish

Conejo (Rabbit)

roach in spanish


elephant in spanish

Elefante (Elephant)

chicken in spanish

Gallo, Gallina (Chicken)

cat in spanish


hyenna in spanish


hippopotamus in spanish

Hipopótamo (Hippopotamus)

ant in spanish

Hormiga (Ant)

giraffe in spanish


owl in spanish


lion in spanish

León (Lion)

leopard in spanish

Leopardo (Leopard)

lynx in spanish

Lince (Lynx)

wolf in spanish


butterfly in spanish

Mariposa (Butterfly)

monkey in spanish

Mono (Monkey)

fly in spanish


mosquito in spanish

Mosquito (Mosquito)

bat in spanish

Murciélago (Bat)

otter in spanish

Nutria (Otter)

polar bear in spanish

Oso Polar (Polar Bear)

bear in spanish, animals in Spanish, animal names in Spanish, bear in Spain


bird in spanish

Pájaro, Ave (Bird)


Perro (Dog)


Pollo, Pollito(Chick)




Rana (Frog)


Ratón (Mouse)


Serpiente, Majá(Snake)


Tigre (Tiger)


Toro (Bull)


Tortuga (Tortoise)


Vaca (Cow)


Venado, Ciervo(Deer)


Lagarto (Lizard)


Pato (Duck)

As you learn the language, keep in mind that animals in Spanish may have different names according to the region where they originated. For example, el chupacabra is a common name for an animal that lives in the jungles of Mexico and not other regions.
Here are some sentences about the animals and their English translations:

El elefante es muy grande – The elephant is very big
Tu gato es hermoso – Your cat is beautiful
Hay dos patos – There are two ducks
El pollito es amarillo – The chick is yellow
Mi perro es mu mejor amigo – My dog is my best friend

What are pets called in Spanish?: Las mascotas

Here is the list of the five more popular mascotas in Spanish:

Perros – Dogs

Gatos – Cats

Hámsters – Hamsters

Pez – Fish

Pájaros – Birds



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