Kitchen in Spanish

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It’s time to learn how to pronounce the kitchen in Spanish translation.  A kitchen is a place that requires a lot of maintenance and daily care. It is the place that has one of the essential functions in our lives: preparing food. Here you will know some of the most used accessories in the kitchen.

The Kitchen in Spanish

Describing a Kitchen


crystal glass in spanish

Vaso de Cristal (Crystal Glass)


fork in spanish

Tenedor (Fork)


mixing bowls in spanish

Tazones de Mezcla (Mixing Bowls)


cup in spanish

Taza (Cup)


cutting board in spanish

Tabla de Cortar (Cutting Board)


pan in spanish

Sartén (Pan)


roller in spanish

Rodillo (Roller)


refrigerator in spanish

Refrigerador (Refrigerator)



grater in spanish

Rallador (Grater)


plate in spanish

Plato (Plate)


vegetable peeler in spanish

Pelador de Verduras (Vegetable Peeler)


pressure cooker in spanish

Olla de Presión (Pressure Cooker)


kitchen cabinet in spanish

Mueble de Cocina (Kitchen Cabinet)


microwave in spanish

Microonda (Microwave)


dishwasher in spanish



sink in spanish

Fregadero (Sink)


stove in spanish

Estufa, Horno (Stove)


spatula in spanish

Espátula (Spatula)


knife in spanish

Cuchillo (Knife)


spoon in spanish

Cuchara (Spoon)


glasses in spanish

Copas (Glasses)


colander in spanish

Colador (Colander)


casseroles in spanish

Cazuelas (Casseroles)



Batidora (Blender)



Batidor (Whisk)


baking sheet

Bandeja de Hornear (Baking Sheet)


can opener

Abridor (Can Opener)



Freidora (Fryer)



Jarra (Pitcher)


rice cooker

Olla Arrocera (Rice Cooker)

Sentences with the word: cocina – kitchen

La mesa de la cocina es bonita. – The kitchen table is nice.

La cocina es grande. – The kitchen is big.

En mi casa hay una cocina. – In my house there is a kitchen.

María entro a la cocina. – Maria went into the kitchen.

Vi a Julia en la cocina. – I saw Julia in the kitchen.

Se sentaron en la cocina. – They sat in the kitchen.

Por el suelo de la cocina. – On the kitchen floor.

No estoy en la cocina. – I’m not in the kitchen.

Bueno vamos a la cocina. – Well let’s go to the kitchen.

En la cocina hacía calor. – It was hot in the kitchen.

Estaba sola en la cocina. – She was alone in the kitchen.

Jorge entró a la cocina. – Jorge entered the kitchen.

Pondré esto en la cocina. – I’ll put this in the kitchen.

Se reunieron en la cocina. – They met in the kitchen.

Nos dirigimos a la cocina. – We go to the kitchen.

Los dos fueron a la cocina. – The two of them went to the kitchen.

Ramón entró a la cocina. – Ramón entered the kitchen.

El personal de la cocina es muy agradable. – The kitchen staff is very nice.

Está ahí, en la cocina. – It’s there in the kitchen.

La tía bajó a la cocina. – The aunt went down to the kitchen.

Mi mamá fue a la cocina a cocinar. – My mom went to the kitchen to cook.

La cocina la están pintando. – The kitchen is being painted.

Mi papá le encanta la cocina. – My dad loves cooking.

Una cocina de tres fuego. – A three-fire kitchen.

Me encanta la cocina de gas. – I love the gas stove.

Mi mamá se metió en la cocina. – My mom went into the kitchen.

El joven fue para la cocina. – The young man went to the kitchen.

Ella ya estaba en la cocina. – She was already in the kitchen.

Mi prima fue con su novio para la cocina. – My cousin went with her boyfriend to the kitchen.

La cocina está rota. – The kitchen is broken.

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