Comedor in English

Comedor in English Flashcard

How to translate the comedor in English with flashcards? Learn basic vocabulary with flashcards. Study the Spanish language with images. Translation from English to Spanish with flashcards.

el comedor in english

comedor – dining room

silla – chair

mesa – tabla

mantel – table cloth

candelabro – chandelier

abre botellas – bottle opener

cafetera – coffee pot

tetera – teapot

sacacorchos – corkscrew

taza – cup

what is comedor in english

plato – plate

tenedor – fork

cuchara- spoon

vaso – glass

alacena – cupboard

cuchillo – knife

jarra – jug

taza – cup

what does comedor mean in english

pimentero – pepper shaker

salero – salt shaker

juego de cubiertos – cutlery set

azucarera – sugar bowl

palillos – toothpick

bandeja – tray

copa para vino – wine glass

ensaladera – salad bowl

botella de cristal – glass bottle

servilleta – napkin

mantel – placemat

portavasos – coaster

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Family in Spanish. Learn Basic Spanish Online

family in spanish, family in Spanish, mother in law in Spanish, cousins in Spanish, aunts in Spanish, uncles in Spanish, my family in Spanish, sister in law in Spanish, father in law in Spanish, family members in Spanish, familia Spanish

The Family in Spanish

The family is the fundamental nucleus of society, which can contribute to the person’s integral development.

Next, you will find the family members in Spanish

mom family in spanish

Mamá (Mom)

dad family in spanish

Papá (Dad)

daughter family in spanish

Hija (Daughter)

son family in spanish

Hijo (Son)

sister family in spanish

Hermana (Sister)

brother family in spanish

Hermano (Brother)

grandmother family in spanish

Abuela (Grandmother)

grandfather family in spanish

Abuelo (Grandfather)

granddaughter family in spanish

Nieta (Granddaughter)

grandson family in spanish

Nieto (Grandson)

great grandmother family in spanish

Bisabuela (Great-Grandmother)

great grandfather family in spanish

Bisabuelo (Great-Grandfather)

great granddaughter family in spanish

Bisnieta (Great Granddaughter)

great grandson family in spanish

Bisnieto (Great Grandson)

aunt family in spanish

Tía (Aunt)

uncle family in spanish

Tío (Uncle)

niece family in spanish

Sobrina (Niece)

nephew family in spanish

Sobrino (Nephew)

female cousin family in spanish

Prima (Female Cousin)

male cousin family in spanish

Primo (Male Cousin)

wife family in spanish

Esposa (Wife)

husband family in spanish

Esposo (Husband)

daughter in law family in spanish

Nuera (Daughter in Law)

son in law family in spanish

Yerno (Son in Law)

mother in law family in spanish

Suegra (Mother in Law)

father in law family in spanish

Suegro (Father in Law)

stepmother family in spanish

Madrastra (Stepmother)

stepfather family in spanish

Padrastro (Stepfather)

stepdaughter family in spanish

Hijastra (Stepdaughter)

stepson family in spanish

Hijastro (Stepson)

stepsister family in spanish

Hermanastra (Stepsister)

stepbrother family in spanish

Hermanastro (Stepbrother)

sister in law family in spanish

Cuñada (Sister in Law)

brother in law family in spanish

Cuñado (Brother in Law)

Basura in Spanish | Laundry room. Learn Spanish

laundry room in spanish, laundry room in Spanish, the laundry room in Spanish, to go to Spanish, laundry in Spanish, utility room in Spanish, attic in Spanish

Basura in Spanish | The Laundry room in Spanish

To talk about the laundry room items such as basura in Spanish (garbage, trash) and get info about cleaning supplies, you should study this topic. Learn to pronounce: laundry bin = cubo de la ropa/cesto de la ropa, and other useful tools can always give you a better level of motivation in your daily routines.

List of cleaning supplies in Spanish.

basura in Spanish

Cesto de basura(Garbage, Trash | Bin)

cube in spanish


powder detergent in spanish

Detergente en Polvo (Powder Detergent)

liquid detergent in spanish

Detergente Líquido (Liquid Detergent)

sluggard in spanish


broom in spanish


washer dryer in spanish

Lavadora/Secadora (Washer/Dryer)

mop in spanish

Trapeador (Mop)

steam iron in spanish

Plancha de Vapor(Steam Iron)

bleach in spanish


ironing board in spanish

Tabla de Planchar (Ironing Board)

laundry bin

Cesto de la Ropa (Laundry Basket)

air freshener in spanish

Ambientador(Air Freshener)

Dining room in Spanish. Learn Basic Spanish Online

diningroom in spanish

The Diningroom in Spanish (El Comedor)

According to space, it will occupy in your home; a dining room is essential for a key meeting point with your loved ones.
Here you will find some of the most used accessories in the dining room in Spanish.

table chairs in spanish

Mesa,Sillas (Table, Chairs)

tablecloth in spanish


cabinet in spanish

Gabinete (Cabinet)

centerpiece in spanish

Centro de mesa (Centerpiece)

chandelier in spanish

Candelabro (Chandelier)

wall decoration in spanish

Adorno de Pared(Wall Decoration)

napkin in spanish

Servilleta (Napkin)

tooth sticks in spanish

Palitos de Dientes(Tooth Sticks)

Living room in Spanish Translation

livingroom in spanish

The Livingroom in Spanish

It’s time to learn how to pronounce the living room in Spanish translation. The living room is the home space for rest, distraction, family interaction, and sharing moments with visitors. Here you will find some of the most used accessories in the living room in Spanish.

Living room in Spanish Vocabulary

Living room in Spanish

Televisor (TV)


Living room seats

Sofá (Couch)



plant Living room in Spanish

Planta (Plant)


furniture in spanish

Mueble (Furniture)



corner table in spanish

Mesa de Esquina (Corner Table)


coffee table in spanish

Mesa de Centro (Coffee Table)



ceiling lamp in spanish

Lámpara de Techo (Ceiling Lamp)


painting in spanish

Cuadro (Painting)


curtain in spanish

Cortina (Curtain)


seat in spanish

Butaca (Seat)


vase flowers Living room in Spanish

Búcaro con Flores (Vase with Flowers)


showcase Living room in Spanish

Vitrina (Showcase)

Now let’s learn more about basic Spanish

Kitchen in Spanish

kitchen in spanish, kitchen in Spanish, the kitchen in Spanish, kitchen in Spanish language, kitchen appliances in spanish

It’s time to learn how to pronounce the kitchen in Spanish translation.  A kitchen is a place that requires a lot of maintenance and daily care. It is the place that has one of the essential functions in our lives: preparing food. Here you will know some of the most used accessories in the kitchen.

The Kitchen in Spanish

Describing a Kitchen


crystal glass in spanish

Vaso de Cristal (Crystal Glass)


fork in spanish

Tenedor (Fork)


mixing bowls in spanish

Tazones de Mezcla (Mixing Bowls)


cup in spanish

Taza (Cup)


cutting board in spanish

Tabla de Cortar (Cutting Board)


pan in spanish

Sartén (Pan)


roller in spanish

Rodillo (Roller)


refrigerator in spanish

Refrigerador (Refrigerator)



grater in spanish

Rallador (Grater)


plate in spanish

Plato (Plate)


vegetable peeler in spanish

Pelador de Verduras (Vegetable Peeler)


pressure cooker in spanish

Olla de Presión (Pressure Cooker)


kitchen cabinet in spanish

Mueble de Cocina (Kitchen Cabinet)


microwave in spanish

Microonda (Microwave)


dishwasher in spanish



sink in spanish

Fregadero (Sink)


stove in spanish

Estufa, Horno (Stove)


spatula in spanish

Espátula (Spatula)


knife in spanish

Cuchillo (Knife)


spoon in spanish

Cuchara (Spoon)


glasses in spanish

Copas (Glasses)


colander in spanish

Colador (Colander)


casseroles in spanish

Cazuelas (Casseroles)



Batidora (Blender)



Batidor (Whisk)


baking sheet

Bandeja de Hornear (Baking Sheet)


can opener

Abridor (Can Opener)



Freidora (Fryer)



Jarra (Pitcher)


rice cooker

Olla Arrocera (Rice Cooker)


Sentences with the word: cocina – kitchen

La mesa de la cocina es bonita. – The kitchen table is nice.

La cocina es grande. – The kitchen is big.

En mi casa hay una cocina. – In my house there is a kitchen.

María entro a la cocina. – Maria went into the kitchen.

Vi a Julia en la cocina. – I saw Julia in the kitchen.

Se sentaron en la cocina. – They sat in the kitchen.

Por el suelo de la cocina. – On the kitchen floor.

No estoy en la cocina. – I’m not in the kitchen.

Bueno vamos a la cocina. – Well let’s go to the kitchen.

En la cocina hacía calor. – It was hot in the kitchen.

Estaba sola en la cocina. – She was alone in the kitchen.

Jorge entró a la cocina. – Jorge entered the kitchen.

Pondré esto en la cocina. – I’ll put this in the kitchen.

Se reunieron en la cocina. – They met in the kitchen.

Nos dirigimos a la cocina. – We go to the kitchen.

Los dos fueron a la cocina. – The two of them went to the kitchen.

Ramón entró a la cocina. – Ramón entered the kitchen.

El personal de la cocina es muy agradable. – The kitchen staff is very nice.

Está ahí, en la cocina. – It’s there in the kitchen.

La tía bajó a la cocina. – The aunt went down to the kitchen.

Mi mamá fue a la cocina a cocinar. – My mom went to the kitchen to cook.

La cocina la están pintando. – The kitchen is being painted.

Mi papá le encanta la cocina. – My dad loves cooking.

Una cocina de tres fuego. – A three-fire kitchen.

Me encanta la cocina de gas. – I love the gas stove.

Mi mamá se metió en la cocina. – My mom went into the kitchen.

El joven fue para la cocina. – The young man went to the kitchen.

Ella ya estaba en la cocina. – She was already in the kitchen.

Mi prima fue con su novio para la cocina. – My cousin went with her boyfriend to the kitchen.

La cocina está rota. – The kitchen is broken.

Now let’s learn more about basic Spanish

Bedroom in Spanish

bedroom expressions in spanish, bedroom in Spanish, the bedroom in Spanish, master bedroom in Spanish, full size bed in Spanish

The Bedroom in Spanish

It’s time to learn how to pronounce the bedroom in Spanish translation. This is the most private area in our house. It is an intimate space of mental and physical relaxation. Here you will find some of the most used bedroom expressions and accessories.

bed sheets in spanish

Sábanas (Bed Sheets)

bedside table in spanish

Mesita de Noche (Bedside Table)

lamp in spanish

Lámpara (Lamp)

pillow cases in spanish

Fundas de Almohadas (Pillow Cases)

bed skirt in spanish

Falda de Cama (Bed Skirt)

quilt in spanish

Edredón, Colcha (Quilt)

dresser in spanish

Cómoda, Aparador (Dresser)

mattress in spanish

Colchón (Mattress)

blanket in spanish

Cobija, Frazada (Blanket)

bed in spanish

Cama (Bed)


Armario (Closet)


Almohadas (Pillows)

air conditioner

Aire Acondicionado (Air Conditioner)


Gavetero (Dresser)


Ventilador (Fan)

Now let’s learn more about basic Spanish

Bathroom in Spanish

bathroom in spanish

It’s time to learn how to pronounce the bathroom in Spanish translation. The daily bath is a fundamental part of any person’s hygiene regardless of their age; that is why such practice must be ensured as a mandatory routine.

The Bathroom in Spanish

That is why we will teach you below how to pronounce the bathroom accessories in Spanish.




Tina, Bañera(Bathtub)


Taza de Baño, Inodoro (Toilet)

toilet paper

Soporte para Papel
(Toilet Paper Holder)

toothbrush holde

Porta Cepillo de
(Toothbrush Holder)



comb in spanish

Peine (Comb)


Pasta de Dientes (Toothpaste)

bath basket in spanish

Papelera, Cesto(Bath Basket)

paper toilet in spanish

Papel Higiénico, Papel
(Toilet Paper)

lotion in spanish

Loción, Crema (Lotion)

hand wash sink in spanish

Lavamanos (Hand wash sink)

soap in spanish


shower gel in spanish

Gel de Baño(Shower Gel)

mirror in spanish

Espejo (Mirror)

scale in spanish

Escala (Scale)

shower in spanish


soap dispenser in spanish

Dispensador de Jabón(Soap Dispenser)

deodorant in spanish

Desodorante (Deodorant)

curtain in spanish

Cortina (Curtain)

shampoo in spanish


hairbrush in spanish


toothbrush in spanish

Cepillo de Dientes (Toothbrush)

rugs, mats in spanish

Alfombras, Tapetes (Rugs, Mats)

conditioner in spanish


Now let’s learn more about basic Spanish

House in Spanish Translation

keys in Spanish, house in Spanish, my house is your house in Spanish, my home is you home in Spanish, casa in Spanish, my house in Spanish, house rent in spanish

House in Spanish Translation

It’s time to learn how to pronounce the house in Spanish translation. Mi casa es tu casa | My house is your house.

Once you learn the home parts and their things in it, you will be ready to talk about your house design and describe it with more confidence.

Areas of the house









Techo (Roof)



Puerta (Door)









Llave (Keys in Spanish)



Chimenea (Chimney)


basement in spanish



livingroom in spanish



backyard in spanish

Patio (Backyard)


garden in spanish

Jardín (Garden)


garage in spanish



bedroom House in Spanish translation

Cuarto, Dormitorio(Bedroom)


diningroom House in Spanish translation

Comedor (Diningroom)


bathroom House in Spanish translation

Baño (Bathroom)


rooftop House in Spanish translation



lock House in Spanish translation


Now let’s learn more about basic Spanish