Comedor in English

Comedor in English Flashcard

¿Cómo se dice comedor en inglés? Comedor in English translation: dinning room.

How to translate the comedor in English with flashcards? Learn basic vocabulary with flashcards. Study the Spanish language with images. Translation from English to Spanish with flashcards.

el comedor in english

comedor – dining room

silla – chair

mesa – tabla

mantel – table cloth

candelabro – chandelier

abre botellas – bottle opener

cafetera – coffee pot

tetera – teapot

sacacorchos – corkscrew

taza – cup

what is comedor in english

plato – plate

tenedor – fork

cuchara- spoon

vaso – glass

alacena – cupboard

cuchillo – knife

jarra – jug

taza – cup

what does comedor mean in english

pimentero – pepper shaker

salero – salt shaker

juego de cubiertos – cutlery set

azucarera – sugar bowl

palillos – toothpick

bandeja – tray

copa para vino – wine glass

ensaladera – salad bowl

botella de cristal – glass bottle

servilleta – napkin

mantel – placemat

portavasos – coaster

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