Living room in Spanish Translation

livingroom in spanish

The Livingroom in Spanish

It’s time to learn how to pronounce the living room in Spanish translation. The living room is the home space for rest, distraction, family interaction, and sharing moments with visitors. Here you will find some of the most used accessories in the living room in Spanish.

Living room in Spanish Vocabulary

Living room in Spanish

Televisor (TV)


Living room seats

Sofá (Couch)



plant Living room in Spanish

Planta (Plant)


furniture in spanish

Mueble (Furniture)



corner table in spanish

Mesa de Esquina (Corner Table)


coffee table in spanish

Mesa de Centro (Coffee Table)



ceiling lamp in spanish

Lámpara de Techo (Ceiling Lamp)


painting in spanish

Cuadro (Painting)


curtain in spanish

Cortina (Curtain)


seat in spanish

Butaca (Seat)


vase flowers Living room in Spanish

Búcaro con Flores (Vase with Flowers)


showcase Living room in Spanish

Vitrina (Showcase)

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