Basura in Spanish | Laundry room. Learn Spanish

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Basura in Spanish | The Laundry room in Spanish

To talk about the laundry room items such as basura in Spanish (garbage, trash) and get info about cleaning supplies, you should study this topic. Learn to pronounce: laundry bin = cubo de la ropa/cesto de la ropa, and other useful tools can always give you a better level of motivation in your daily routines.

List of cleaning supplies in Spanish.



basura in Spanish

Cesto de basura(Garbage, Trash | Bin)


cube in spanish





powder detergent in spanish

Detergente en Polvo (Powder Detergent)


liquid detergent in spanish

Detergente Líquido (Liquid Detergent)



sluggard in spanish



broom in spanish





washer dryer in spanish

Lavadora/Secadora (Washer/Dryer)


mop in spanish

Trapeador (Mop)



steam iron in spanish

Plancha de Vapor(Steam Iron)


bleach in spanish





ironing board in spanish

Tabla de Planchar (Ironing Board)


laundry bin

Cesto de la Ropa (Laundry Basket)



air freshener in spanish

Ambientador(Air Freshener)

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