Bedroom in Spanish

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The Bedroom in Spanish

It’s time to learn how to pronounce the bedroom in Spanish translation. This is the most private area in our house. It is an intimate space of mental and physical relaxation. Here you will find some of the most used bedroom expressions and accessories.

bed sheets in spanish

Sábanas (Bed Sheets)

bedside table in spanish

Mesita de Noche (Bedside Table)

lamp in spanish

Lámpara (Lamp)

pillow cases in spanish

Fundas de Almohadas (Pillow Cases)

bed skirt in spanish

Falda de Cama (Bed Skirt)

quilt in spanish

Edredón, Colcha (Quilt)

dresser in spanish

Cómoda, Aparador (Dresser)

mattress in spanish

Colchón (Mattress)

blanket in spanish

Cobija, Frazada (Blanket)

bed in spanish

Cama (Bed)


Armario (Closet)


Almohadas (Pillows)

air conditioner

Aire Acondicionado (Air Conditioner)


Gavetero (Dresser)


Ventilador (Fan)

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