Emotions and Feelings in Spanish

How do you say different feelings in Spanish?

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What are the emotions and feelings in Spanish? Emotions are affective states that we experience. Subjective reactions to the environment are accompanied by organic -physiological and endocrine- changes of natural origin.

Emotions in Spanish
Emotions in Spanish

Below you will find a list of the types of emotions in Spanish.


sad in spanish


sleepy in spanish


thirsty in spanish

Sediento (Thirsty)

worried in spanish

Preocupado (Worried)

thoughtful in spanish


crazy in spanish


hungry in spanish

Hambriento (Hungry)

happy in spanish

Feliz, Contento (Happy)

angry in spanish

Enojado, Enfadado(Angry)

sick in spanish


love in spanish

Enamorado (In Love)

excited in spanish

Emocionado (Excited)

scared in spanish


hot in spanish


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