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How to pronounce the hair in Spanish?

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Hair Types (Tipos de Cabello) and Hairstyles in Spanish

In humans, “el pelo” has two functions, protection to protects the scalp from the sun and cold and aesthetics.

There are many types of hair, styles, and colors due to the expressions of criteria, tastes, and diversities. Hair currently has great importance because it can configure the appearance of people that at the same time plays a very important role in our society. This is nothing new, throughout history hair represents a mode of language in the expression of thoughts and feelings. Expressing your ideology through different hairstyles is part of culture and diversity, and has a very important role in the social sector today.

list of hair types in Spanish
The different hairstyles are both a symbolic indicator of gender, as well as of the social, religious, and professional status of both women and men.
The diversity of colors in it also builds as the main indicator in society, since the way in which each one presents their hair in terms of color and style speaks of the individual himself, how he feels, and his identity.
According to studies, many women define themselves by their external appearance. An example would be if someone did not like to change their hair color or style, this could mean that the person is simple and stable.
Having beautiful and healthy hair is one-way women use to measure their beauty and appearance.
That is why in this lesson we have decided to talk about the different types of hair in Spanish. At the end of this topic, you will know how to say and name a great variety of them
Let’s get started.

List of Hair Types.


spanish hairstyles for long hair

Cabello Canoso(Gray)


bald hair types in spanish



curly hair hair types in spanish

Cabello Rizado (Curly)


wavy hair hair types in spanish

Cabello Ondulado (Wavy)


straight hair in spanish

Cabello Liso(Straight)


long hair types in spanish

Cabello Largo(Long)


short hair types in spanish

Cabello Corto (Short)


Spanish hairstyles for long hair

Cabello Rubio(Blonde)


red hair type in spanish

Cabello Pelirrojo(Red)


black hair type

Cabello Negro (Black)


brown hair type

Cabello Castaño (Brown)


HairStyles (Estilos de Cabello)


braids hairstyle

Trenzas (Braids)


illuminations hairstyles

Rayitos, Iluminaciones(Illuminations)


dreadlocks hairstyles in spanish

Moños Rastas (Dreadlocks)



Peluca (Wig)



bun, tail

Moño, Cola (Bun, Tail)





hair bang

Cerquillo (Bang)

Other words and phrases that we use with: hair Spanish:

tie – lazo para el cabello
messy – cabello desordenado
dark – cabello oscuro
clip – pinza de pelo
facial hair – vello facial
highlights – reflejos de cabello
nappy – muy corto
thick – cabello grueso
crazy – cabello loco
beautiful – cabello hermoso
looks nice – el cabello se ve bien
dry – cabello seco
layered – cabello en capas
brushed – pelo cepillado
medium length – cabello de longitud media
brassy – cabello cobrizo

Grey hair in Spanish

Red hair in Spanish

Curly hair in Spanish

Hair in Spanish | Pronunciation

Hairdryer in Spanish

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