Hair Dryer in Spanish

Hair Dryer in Spanish

How to say hair dryer in Spanish?

¿Cómo se dice hair dryer en español? Hair dryer in Spanish translation: secador de pelo.

hair dryer – el secador de pelo, la secadora de pelo

How do you say ‘hair dryer in Spanish’?. The hair dryer is an electrical device designed to expel hot or cold air over wet hair, accelerating the evaporation of water in order to dry the hair. Over the years they have evolved. There are small and large dryers, the small ones are convenient for travel, as they are very comfortable because they fit in small spaces and are portable.

The hair dryer has a structure that contains a kind of housing and a handle that can be adapted to the hand. Its shape is similar to a pistol.


Lily: Carlos, cuando vayas a la tienda, por favor cómprame una secadora de pelo | Carlos, when you go to the store, please buy me a hair dryer

Carlos: Está bien | OK

Sentences with the term hair dryer in Spanish

La secadora de pelo me costó $50.The hair dryer cost me $50.
Gracias por la secadora de pelo.Thanks for the hair dryer.
El secador de pelo no funciona.The hair dryer doesn’t work.
La secadora de pelo está rota.The hair dryer is broken.
Nancy tiene el secador de pelo mío.Nancy has my hair dryer.
La secadora de pelo es roja.The hair dryer is red.
El secador de pelo está frío.The hair dryer is cold.
Necesito una secadora de pelo.I need a hair dryer.
Cómprame un secador de pelo.Buy me a hair dryer.
La secadora de pelo es nueva.The hair dryer is new.
¿Dónde está el secador de pelo?Where is the hair dryer?
El secador de pelo está en el cuarto.The hair dryer is in the room.
Se rompió el secador de pelo.The hair dryer broke.
Compraré un secador de pelo.I will buy a hair dryer.
Alcánzame el secador de pelo.Hand me the hair dryer.
Es muy viejo mi secador de pelo.My hair dryer is very old.
El secador de pelo tiene falso contacto.The hair dryer has false contact.
Dejó de funcionar el secador de pelo.The hair dryer stopped working.
Papi me regaló un secador de pelo.Daddy gave me a hair dryer.
Nunca uso el secador de pelo.I never use the hair dryer.
No encuentro mi secador de pelo.I can’t find my hair dryer.
Dejé en el closet el secador de pelo.I left the hair dryer in the closet.
Tendré que arreglar el secador de pelo.I’ll have to fix the hair dryer.
El niño cogió el secador de pelo para jugar.The boy took the hair dryer to play.
Enchufa el secador de pelo.He plugs in the hair dryer.
Mi secadora de pelo es personal.My hair dryer is personal.
Me da dolor de cabeza usar la secadora de pelo.It gives me a headache to use the hair dryer.
Se descompuso la secadora de pelo.The hair dryer broke.
Estoy vendiendo mi secadora de pelo.I am selling my hair dryer.
Quiero comprar una secadora de pelo.I want to buy a hair dryer.
¿Qué precio tiene la secadora de pelo?What is the price of the hair dryer?
Esta secadora de pelo es profesional.This hair dryer is professional.
¿No ves la secadora de pelo?Don’t you see the hair dryer?
Le presté la secadora de pelo a mi hermana.I lent the hair dryer to my sister.
Es malo usar tanto la secadora de pelo.It’s bad to use the hair dryer so much.
Está carísima esa secadora de pelo.That hair dryer is so expensive.
No me gusta tu secadora de pelo.I don’t like your hair dryer.
¿Por qué hace tanto ruido la secadora de pelo?Why does the hair dryer make so much noise?
¿Tienes secadora de pelo?Do you have hair dryer
Te regalaré una secadora de pelo.I’ll give you a hair dryer.

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Hairdryer in Spanish

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