Curly Hair in Spanish

How do you say ‘curly hair in Spanish’?. Curly hair is a very popular type of hair, however, it is not easy to style it, it definitely resists being trained. This type of hair is characterized by presenting many waves from the root of the person. Curly hair is classy, and equates to great personality.

Curly Hair in Spanish

How to translate curly hair in Spanish?

curly hair – pelo rizado, cabello rizado


Lily: Carlos, nuestro bebé creo va a tener el cabello rizado | Carlos, our baby I think is going to have curly hair

Carlos: Sí, su pelo va a ser como el tuyo | Yes, her hair will be like yours

Sentences with the term curly hair in Spanish

¡Qué hermoso es el cabello rizado!How beautiful is curly hair!
Amo mi cabello rizado.I love my curly hair.
Ella tiene el pelo rojo rizado.She has curly red hair.
Su cabello rizado es hermoso.Her curly hair is beautiful.
Toda su familia tiene el pelo rizado.Her whole family has curly hair.
Me gustaria tener el pelo rizado.I would like to have curly hair.
Mi abuelo tiene el pelo rizado.My grandfather has curly hair.
El cabello rizado de mi hijo es hermoso.My son’s curly hair is beautiful.
Es difícil de desenrredar el pelo rizado.It is difficult to detangle curly hair.
Ella támbien tiene el pelo rizado.She also has curly hair.
Mi clienta tiene el cabello rizado.My client has curly hair.
No tengo el pelo rizado.I don’t have curly hair.
Me gusta el pelo rizado.I like curly hair.
Tienes el pelo rizado y muy largo.You have curly and very long hair.
Te queda precioso el pelo rizado.Curly hair looks beautiful on you.
¿No te gusta el pelo rizado?You don’t like curly hair?
Siempre quise tener el pelo rizado.I always wanted to have curly hair.
¿Prefieres el pelo rizado o lacio?Do you prefer curly or straight hair?
Su pelo rizado me fascina.Her curly hair fascinates me.
Mi novio es de pelo rizado.My boyfriend has curly hair.
Víctor no tiene el pelo rizado.Victor doesn’t have curly hair.
Mi abuela se hace tratamientos para tener el pelo rizado.My grandmother undergoes curly hair treatments.
Soy muy feliz con mi pelo rizado.I am very happy with my curly hair.
Tienes el pelo rizado y no te queda bien.You have curly hair and it doesn’t suit you.
Ese corte no es para tu pelo rizado.That cut is not for your curly hair.
No a todos les queda bien el pelo rizado.Not everyone looks good with curly hair.
Tienes un pelo rizado muy lindo, pero descuidado.You have very nice curly hair, but unkempt.
Su pelo rizado se mecía con el viento.His curly hair swayed in the wind.
¿Tienes el pelo rizado?Do you have curly hair?
Creí que tenías el pelo rizado.I thought you had curly hair.
Brave es de pelo rizado.Brave is curly-haired.
Mi pelo rizado me hace ver despeinada.My curly hair makes me look disheveled.
Ella no tiene el pelo rizado.She doesn’t have curly hair.
Parece de paja tu pelo rizado.Your curly hair looks like straw.
¿Desea mantener su pelo rizado o le hago la plancha?Does she want to keep her hair curly or do I straighten it?
Mi pelo rizado es natural.My curly hair is natural.
Me pongo rolos para tener el pelo rizado.I wear rollers to have curly hair.
Ni con cremas me quedó el pelo rizado.Not even with creams did my hair stay curly.
Te verás bella con el pelo rizado.You will look beautiful with curly hair.
Por mis 15 me hice fotos con el pelo rizado.By my 15 I took pictures with curly hair.
Esa niña tiene un hermoso pelo rizado.That girl has beautiful curly hair.

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