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Red Hair in Spanish

Red Hair in Spanish

How do you say ‘red hair in Spanish’?. The color red is of love and hate, heat, fire, and passion. It is characterized by seduction and immorality, strength, happiness, and life. Red hair characterizes a passionate, free and seductive person. It denotes the expression of the vital force, of power, of security, the impulse, and the desire to conquer. Red hair is the ultimate expression of sexuality and desire.

Red Hair in Spanish

How to translate red hair in Spanish?

red hair – cabello rojo, pelirrojo

redhead – pelirrojo


Lily: Carlos, me voy a teñir el cabello de rojo ¿te gustaría? | Carlos, I’m going to dye my hair red, would you like it?

Carlos: Sí, te ve a quedar muy bonito | Yes, you will look very pretty


El pelo rojo es muy bonito
El cabello rojo inspira alegría
Marta tiene el cabello rojo
Ella es de cabello pelirrojo
Pedro es de cabello pelirrojo
Yo tengo el cabello pelirrojo
Todos somos pelirrojos
Su pelo pelirrojo es muy brilloso


Red hair is very pretty
Red hair inspires joy
Marta has red hair
She has red hair
Pedro has red hair
I have red hair
We are all redheads
His red hair is very shiny

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