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Curly Hair in Spanish

Curly Hair in Spanish

How do you say ‘curly hair in Spanish’?. Curly hair is a very popular type of hair, however, it is not easy to style it, it definitely resists being trained. This type of hair is characterized by presenting many waves from the root of the person. Curly hair is classy, and equates to great personality.

Curly Hair in Spanish

How to translate curly hair in Spanish?

curly hair – pelo rizado, cabello rizado


Lily: Carlos, nuestro bebé creo va a tener el cabello rizado | Carlos, our baby I think is going to have curly hair

Carlos: Sí, su pelo va a ser como el tuyo | Yes, her hair will be like yours


Nancy tiene el pelo rizado
¡Qué hermoso es el cabello rizado!
Amo mi cabello rizado
Ella tiene el pelo rojo rizado
Su cabello rizado es hermoso
Toda su familia tiene el pelo rizado
Me gustaria tener el pelo rizado
Mi abuelo tiene el pelo rizado
El cabello rizado de mi hijo es hermoso
Es difícil de desenrredar el pelo rizado
Ella támbien tiene el pelo rizado
Mi clienta tiene el cabello rizado


Nancy has curly hair
How beautiful is curly hair!
I love my curly hair
She has curly red hair
Her curly hair is beautiful
Her whole family has curly hair
I would like to have curly hair
My grandfather has curly hair
My son’s curly hair is beautiful
It is difficult to untangle curly hair
She also has curly hair
My client has curly hair

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