Body in Spanish Translation

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Body in Spanish Translation

It’s time to learn how to pronounce the body in Spanish translation. The human body is the set of the physical structure and organs that make up the human being. The term human body originates from the Latin “corpus,” which means “cuerpo = body” and humanus, humanum, which refers to “humano = human.”

Here you will find the list of the main parts of the human body in Spanish.


veins in spanish

Venas (Veins)


ankle in spanish

Tobillo (Ankle)


blood in spanish

Sangre (Blood)


knees in spanish

Rodillas (Knees)


lungs in spanish

Pulmones (Lungs)


feet in spanish

Pies (Feet)


legs in spanish

Piernas (Legs)


skin in spanish

Piel (Skin)


chest in spanish

Pecho (Chest)


pancrea in spanish

Páncrea (Pancrea)


belly button in spanish

Ombligo (Belly Button)


muscles body in Spanish translation

Músculos (Muscles)


wrist body in Spanish translation

Muñeca (Wrist)


hands in spanish

Manos (Hands)


large intestine in spanish

Intestino Grueso (Large Intestine)


small intestine in spanish

Intestino Delgado (Small Intestine)


bones in spanish

Huesos (Bones)


shoulder in spanish

Hombro (Shoulder)


liver in spanish

Hígado (Liver)


throat in spanish

Garganta (Throat)


stomach in spanish

Estómago (Stomach)


back body in Spanish translation

Espalda (Back)


fingers Translation

Dedos (Fingers)


toes in spanish

Dedos de los Pies (Toes)


neck body in Spanish translation

Cuello (Neck)


heart body in Spanish translation

Corazón (Heart)


spinal cord body in Spanish translation

Médula Espinal (Spinal Cord)


elbow Body in Spanish translation

Codo (Elbow)


waist Body in Spanish translation

Cintura (Waist)


brain Body in Spanish translation

Cerebro (Brain)


arm Body in Spanish translation

Brazo (Arm)


blood vessels Body in Spanish translation

Arterias (Blood Vessels)

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