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What Does Nova Mean in Spanish

What Does Nova Mean in Spanish

Reading this article will tell you what does Nova mean in Spanish.

1- ‘No va’ is a Spanish phrase that means ‘not going’, ‘does not go’. This term is used to deny or say no to going anywhere or showing disapproval to the idea of going somewhere specific and is usually said in a friendly manner.

2- Also nova can be used as the diminutive of novato or novata which means in the English language ‘rookie’ or ‘newbie’.

What Does Nova Mean in Spanish

How do you say nova in Spanish?

This word is translated in the English language as:

newbie, rookie – nova, novato, novata

newbies, rookies – nova, novatos, novatas

not going, does not go – no va

Conversation 1:

Marta: Pedro, hoy Lucy no va a trabajar | Pedro, Lucy is not going to work today.

Pedro: No hay problema | No problem.

Conversation 2:

Marta: Pedro, el chico es un nova | Pedro, the boy is a rookie.

Pedro: Sí, yo sé | Yes I know.




‘Ella no va a la fiesta’ .

‘Pedro no va al colegio porque tiene mucha fiebre’ .

‘She is not going to the party’ .

‘Pedro does not go to school because he has a high fever’ .

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