Bear in Spanish

How to say bear in Spanish?

How to translate bear in Spanish?. The term “oso” is a word used to define certain carnivorous mammals belonging to the Ursid family. They are characterized by being animals of great height and volume, they are generally omnivores since despite eating meat they also feed on fruits and roots, they can be located in South America, North America, and Asia. 

polar bear in spanish

Oso Polar (Polar Bear)

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Depending on their species, their size and weight can vary, the largest “osos” can measure up to 3 meters in height and weigh almost a ton, the males being larger than the females, physically they are animals with small eyes and ears, with short limbs and a voluminous body covered with abundant fur that can be white, spotted, black or brown. They are plantigrade animals since when walking they rest on the entire sole.


Spanish Vocabulary for bear:

(masculine) (singular)= oso

(feminine) (singular)= osa

(masculine) (plural)= osos

(feminine) (singular)= osas

Other words:

Ursid family = familia de los úrsidos

omnivores = omnívoros

big = grande

eyes = ojo

ears = orejas, oídos

short limbs – extremidades cortas 

voluminous body = cuerpo voluminoso

panda bears = osos panda

earth =  tierra

cave = cueva

predators= depredadores

danger = peligro

mammals = mamíferos

skin = piel

threatened by hunters  = amenazados por cazadores

polar bears = osos polares


Most Popular Bears

The most popular species of “osos” are “los osos pandas” panda bears, due to their peculiar fur, they live in Asia, and their diet is based on bamboo, unfortunately, they are currently in danger of extinction. Polar bears are also found, they live in very cold areas, their fur is white and they are characterized by being one of the largest bears that live on earth.



The polar bear are big and white – Los osos polares son grandes y blancos.

The bear is my favorite animal – El oso es mi animal favorito

I will buy a bear for my daughter  – Le compraré un osito a mi hija


The smaller females tend to reproduce at a very early age compared to the larger females who do so at an age between 4 and nine years, during hibernation the female gives birth to the cubs in her bear (the cave where they live bears), once the winter is over, they go out in search of food. Bears are mammals that like to walk alone, except mothers who walk with their young. The main predators of bears are wolves and ferocious felines who especially like to attack the young.


polar bear

At present, bears are in danger of extinction, which is why many organizations have established laws to preserve the life of these mammals since they are seriously threatened by hunters who are looking for their skin or to deliver them to circus owners. where they are mistreated.


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