Benefits of Being Bilingual

Benefits of Being Bilingual

Benefits of Being Bilingual

What are the benefits of being bilingual?. Being a bilingual person’s can improve various skills like attention, problem-solving as well as creativity. Being bilingual also helps to improve your memory. Global markets are increasing rapidly, which leads to the need to have bilinguals who can work and conduct business globally. And that’s why more and more people are learning different languages like Spanish.

There are ten benefits of being bilingual:

  1- Increase Brainpower – the idiom that will help improve skills, gain control, creativity, and keep your brains healthy and sharp.
 2- Gives children an academic advantage – According to one of the research, bilingual children can perform great in various subject areas. There is a positive effect of bilingualism on a child’s education. It will help in child development and for their lifelong.
  3- Increase awareness of other cultures – Be a Bilingual helps increase awareness of different cultures, ideas, and customs. Learning a language explores an individual and helps them in getting more experience.
 4- Improve competition in the job market – Being bilingual provides more job opportunities. By speaking a second language communication skills also improve. International companies consider bilingualism on top so that person can able to communicate with foreign clients or local customers, so communication is essential in the workplace.
5- it Makes Travel easier – If you are an aspiring traveler, then learning a language is necessary. Be bilingual, and Traveling makes it easier and more enjoyable because there is no language barrier. Being bilingual, you’ll be able to talk directly and make more friends.
6- Find it easier to learn a third language – By learning a second language, you get to know your abilities. Once you have acquired experience in a second language and makes it easier to learn a third language.
7- Stay mentally stronger – Studies have shown that bilingual people’s brains are more robust and live longer. It is also recognized that being bilingual can delay diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s.
8- You can better raise your kids bilingualYour kids will know the importance of cultures and heritage, it will help them in encouraging them to learn a second language also.
9- It improves social life – By speaking a second language, there are new social opportunities, and you will enhance your skills and knowledge also gain confidence. Simply if you understand more languages, you can communicate with more people. As you connect with various people, you will boost your confidence.
10- Makes you more attractive – Being bilingual makes you more attractive and boost your confidence. According to the survey, it is said that people who speak bilingual are more attractive as compared to others.
Being bilingual will help you in other subjects, not only in the Spanish.

Origin of the Spanish language

Origin of the Spanish language | When was the language Spanish invented?

history of spanish language

History and origin of the Spanish language. The evolution has impacted of development of the Spanish language. Prehistoric man, the Tartessians, the Iberians, the Greeks, the Vandals, the Alans, the Moors, the Romans, and many other cultures left their mark on Spanish speaking countries and their language.


The origin of the Spanish language

When the Romans took over the peninsula, they brought their language with them and imposed it on the people. From that time, Latin was the dominant language in the region posteriorly the Spanish language evolved from Latin.

Spanish is also known as Castilian in Latin America and Spain after the dialect, which arouses in Cantabria in the 9th century. In the late 15th century, Castilian became the official language of Spain. Galician spoke in northwestern Spain, and Catalan eastern and northeastern Spain were reduced in the late 20th century. Mozarabic was the dialect of Spanish, which was used in Arab-occupied Spain before the 12th century.


Is the Spanish language a mixture of Arab, Latin, and Greek?

Spanish is a mixture of Latin and Gothic to some extent. There is a lot of Gothic influence in grammar and idioms.


Spread of Spanish language in Latin America?

The Spanish language spread in Latin America because of its dominance. Spanish was deeply implanted even after the end of the Spanish empire in America in the early 19th century. None of the successor states tried to remove or replace it with any other indigenous languages.


How old is the Spanish language?

The first Spanish grammar book was written in 1492. It was the primary language of all the countries of that region. It started becoming a language in the 13th century.


Why is Spanish so famous and essential?

The Spanish language was widespread because of the Spanish empire. It was originated before the British empire.

The Spanish empire extended over the Iberian peninsula, Central Europe, the Netherlands, Africa, etc. The Spanish empire was the first truly global empire. During its expansion, the Spanish empire spread its language all over its colonies. Therefore, Spanish is one of the most spoken and widespread languages in the most number of countries across the globe.


Some interesting facts

– It is a great language to learn for business and resume.

– It is a universal language.

– It is straightforward to convey and understand.

– Spanish has two genders – masculine and feminine.

– It has a specified verbal complexity.

– It does not have many exceptions.

– It also has irregular verbs.

– It is much required nowadays.

– It can be learned in more or less than one year.

The Spanish language has now become a necessity in today’s world. Because of the Spanish empire, the Spanish language is recognized as one of the most popular and required language across the globe.


Spanish Music Genres |Top 10 Most Popular

What are the different genres of Spanish music?

spanish speaking countries music genres

The Spanish speaking countries are full of liveliness with a proper blend of love, joy, sports, music, and culture. Music is the soul of joyous gatherings. Be it an evergreen melody or local Spanish pop music, all of it can make you dance even in the hardest times. Spanish speakers enjoy their homegrown tunes, and here we have got you a list of the top 10 most popular Spanish music genres.

Top 10 Most Popular Spanish Speaking Countries  Music Genres

Whether you are a native Spanish speaker or any other country around the world, Spanish music can make you a fan of Spain, and its culture. Not only will compel you to move your feet with the rhythm of music, but it will also teach you the Spanish language.  Why wait, let’s dive right in.
1- Salsa: It originated initially from Cuba, but with time it has adopted a lot of changes. This musical genre is full of romantic and poetic lyrics, helping learners enhance their vocabulary skills. With time it gained popularity, and now it is one of the most loving music from all around the world.
2- Merengue: Well, if you are full of energy and enthusiasm, this one is your final destination. With a lot of energetic dance moves, this genre is identified for using quick steps elegantly and correctly. Like salsa, this form also covers a wide variety of themes and can be helpful for Spanish learners.
3- Tango: It is a ballroom dance with a Latin American origin. It is performed with an essential four-time step and close pattern with amazingly maintained body postures. You can enjoy this dance only with a partner. Dance steps often characterize this form jointly with long pauses. 
4- Reggaeton: Well, who can forget the most popular Reggaeton Youtube song  “Despacito” and our middle school favourite “Gasolina.” Whether Spanish or not, everyone loves these songs. Those willing to learn informal Spanish can opt for this genre.
5- Rock: Without a doubt, stone needs no introduction. With must to tap feet on the lyrics, rock music can surely grab your attention anywhere. Like the music, we surely love the looks of the musicians of the band. And who would miss a rock concert, literally nobody?
6- Bachata: It’s another utterly irresistible dance form that is famous worldwide. You can enjoy a couple of dance with a lot of hip and foot movement, requiring a flexible body posture. Like the dance, the lyrics are also highly romantic and sensational. 
7- Cumbia: As the name suggests, this form is originated from Colombia and express the feeling of love, happiness, and joy, this poetic form will make you feel all of those expressions while you sing along. Though the instruments used for playing have evolved over the decades, the meaning and sensation of this genre are still the same.
8- Reggae: Well known with the name Bob Marley, which surely needs no introduction. One of the most loved singers of all time, Marley, was well known for his poetic form expressing love, peace, and togetherness. A slow and soothing tone can relax your mind when you listen to this type of genre.
9- Ballada: More like a Ballad, this is a genre loved by many people while they enjoy their evening drink and singing out loudly and dramatically with all the energy they could have at the moment. 
10-  Folklorico music (Música folklórica): Even if you have experienced all genres but missing “folk music” can be a real loss. It is quite a vast genre which further involves a lot of varieties. This music genre is the name for popular music that is transmitted from generations as one more part of the values ​​and culture of a people.
Most of the Spanish speaking countries music originate from either Latin America involving ample cultures, a variety of instruments, and a lot more variable emotional connection of the same. Whatsoever it is songs have always been present to connect hearts and learn the language.

See the full list of Musical Instruments – Spanish Vocabulary


Sports in Spanish Speaking Countries

What is the most popular sport played in Spanish speaking countries?

Frontline Sports in Spanish speaking countries

sports in spanish

Sports “practical procedure to maximize body strength depiction of power entity of spirit by a trend to show muscle strength of an individual “. It envisages uplifting moral values, abilities to empower change in attitude, trampling the disease, and rectifying immunity leveling by bifurcating health and exercise.

The language “An adopted pattern to express identity and entity of cultural sense, behavior, aptitude, and style to express your thoughts”. The language exposes communal and lingual standards to make a pattern of understanding each other norms and senses.

Sports and languages have a keen relationship with each other through languages brought up games to show language power and sense. If we talk about the Spanish language, then also their sports provide a unique identity.

Frontline Sports.

Spanish speaking countries stand out itself majorly in the field of sports. Their clubs’ ground board committees, auditorium, and exhibition have conquered the thematic sense of games in their spell along with sports.


 Below is the list of the Most Popular Sports in the Spanish Speaking Countries

●   Fútbol (Soccer): Commonly known as soccer, it is the most favorite game of Spanish and is played worldwide, but its origin is in the hands of Spanish countries. Surely you have heard about real Madrid; it is one of the most famous teams in this sport.

soccer spanish speaking countries


 ●    Baloncesto (Basketball): Another favorite team sport that is being played in Spanish countries. It is also one of the top sports in the United States.

basketball spanish speaking countries


●   Béisbol (Baseball): It is another favorite sport played in Spanish speaking countries, especially in Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Venezuela.

baseball spanish speaking countries


●   Lucha de Toro (Bull Fighting): Being a national game of Spain, this game retrieves the cultural heritage of Spanish countries. This game is being played since the eighteenth century, and it has been a trend for honor kings by fighting with bulls to show muscle strength in the country.

bull fighting spanish speaking countries


●   Ciclismo (Cycling): This is another prevalent sport officially began on May 31, 1868, with a 1,200-metre (1,312-yard) race between the fountains and the entrance of Saint-Cloud Park (near Paris) and it has been an outstanding sport in Spain since the 1940s.

cycling spanish speaking countries


●   Boxeo (Boxing): Most famous sport in Mexico but this game is played worldwide, one of their great player of all time is Oscar De La Hoya.

boxing spanish speaking countries


Hence sports being played in Spanish speaking countries shows that their language and games play a vital role in managing their national identity to a core level of depiction and mega values. To see a full list of Sports Spanish Vocabulary 

Language Exchange with Spanish Speakers

What are the best language exchange methods?

conversation topics for language exchange
Language is not just literature to read or speak, but it’s an emotion. And if you are engaged in learning some languages, not of your country, then it’s more challenging. Many tutorials describe various ways of learning a new language like Spanish, but nothing provides value until you can’t practice it with a native speaker.
You can do this; for example, you can converse online through video chats on different platforms if you are away from the Spanish speaking countries.
If you just moved to a Spanish speaking country and made some friends and started a language exchange with each other, the first few conversations may be useful. But after that, various barriers will appear like not understanding correctly, don’t knowing what to say, or finishing a topic.
Therefore, in these articles, let’s be familiar with ten different topics for language exchange with Spanish native speakers.

Top 10 language exchange topics for raising a conversation with native speakers

1.   Tradition and Culture
Tradition and culture are a great topic to practice language exchange with a native Spanish speaker. If you are from India and visited a country where Spanish is an official language, more chances are that you can raise a quiet conversation by praising their clothing, styles. You can ask for the traditional importance behind that.
2.   Childhood
Childhood memories are always unique, and if you want to start a new conversion, you can ask a question about the place he or she lived in their childhood or some special event that happened in their childhood time. There may be chances they become emotional, and you can relate his incident and can share yours.
3.   History
If you and your native Spanish speaking friend travel a long way for recreation, there may be some sculptures or statues or anything from the past. You can ask the history of those ancient attractions. Besides, if you are exploring along, ask your guide about the origin.
4.   Travel
You are traveling around the countries, that means you love traveling, and that may be a topic to ask the native speaker which countries they visited before.
5.   Movies, music, books
You don’t have any more topics in your mind, then you can start exchanging language on favorite movies, music, and books of each other. Also, you can talk about a famous film or book or music you both love.
6.   Sports
Sports may be a great topic if you are a sportsperson, love outdoor playing or fitness.
7.   Food
From countries to countries, a variety of foods are available, and you can start an initial conversation with the food you love and can plan for trying the favorite dishes of each other.
8.   Holidays
Whether you are just visiting a Spanish speaking country for fulfilling a bucket list or practicing Spanish at home through a video chat, you can ask about the holidays you have during your school or academic period and extend a conversation like this.
9.   Interest and Hobbies
Hobbies and interests are something you can start talking on anytime you want and no matter with whom.
10.     Family
The family topic may be an initial level question when you become friendly with your language exchange partner. You can ask about their family members and their profession and can start a good conversation.
Well said by  Federico Fellini, “A different language is a different vision of life,” and therefore, we should explore more languages to grasp diverse perceptions of life. It will happen when you examine different native speakers that how they are talking, and you will learn a variety of their traditions as well. Language exchange is not only for learning that language or literature entirely, but you can also get a chance to read the feelings of peoples of different cultures.

Why SpanishtoGo? | Study Spanish Online for Free

Why to learn Spanish at SpanishtoGo?

why SpanishtoGo

Hey, are you determined strongly to ease conversation in the country you are
currently living in? or Are you a big learner and want to explore the Spanish
language? In either case, you need to find an excellent source to learn Spanish speaking efficiently and effectively.

Well, taking this as a motivation, we are here to provide you with a variety of
learning and understanding sources which will improve your grasping power
gradually. And ultimately you will be able to speak Spanish with very less

So, don’t hover over a variety of platforms for different Spanish learning
material. Here you will get the best thing out of the box directly and
efficiently at a single place.

The people who love to learn Spanish by knowing new things every day will enjoy
their Spanish speaking process here. Wondering how? Very simple, I will explain
gradually. Just hold on and read the article entirely, and in the end, you will
fall in love with this site.

What will you get on this

So, firstly, the question that comes to your mind is why we should choose you? That
means what facilities you will get from us. Here is a list of values we provide
to our Spanish learners below:

Different tips to getting started

The famous quote from a renowned author Joe Sabah says, “You don’t have to be
good to start … you just have to start to be good!”
. It is a perfect
statement, and it reflects the message that ‘you can plan every time but the
biggest reason that you flop is failing to start’.

But don’t worry, you don’t have this problem as we have lots of blog articles with
various tips and tricks that will make you understand the psychology of getting
started and then you can progress smoothly.

Spanish grammar

This platform provides you with a variety of grammar categories like prepositions,
pronouns, the gender of nouns, singular and plural forms of names, numbers and
terms, Spanish compound nouns, different adjectives, definite and indefinite
articles, negations, expressions, comparisons, verbs, and much more.

You can access them completely free and very quickly. Just click on the grammar
category and then choose your preference (what you want to learn) then you can
easily read and understand everything through English.

Verb Tenses

Instead of the standard grammars, you can learn various verb tenses of the Spanish
language by exploring this category. Like English, there are lots of tenses
such as present tense, simple past, conditional tense, simple tenses, future
tense, imperfect tense, and lots of varieties of them.

Tenses give life to the sentences, and in each language, you should be aware of verb
tenses by learning them gradually.

Basic Spanish vocabularies

No-one likes similar sentences and talks right. And that is the reason here we will
make you familiar with various Spanish vocabularies to decorate your lines and
words you are regularly using.

Video lectures

The visual sense is more reliable than just reading or writing. Some students are
not that good at reading and learning, and for them and others who want to
grasp the lessons quickly, we have lots of video lectures. Also, you can
correct your vocabulary by that.

Other topics

Here you will get various other topics such as words related to current affairs,
multiple events or days, numbers, days and months, human morphology or anatomy
and other medical terms.

Besides that, you will get Spanish dictionaries to calm your curiosity when you forget
or get acquainted with any new words in daily life.

Who will want to leave such a fantastic platform, right? Start learning today and
remember “practice makes a man perfect”.


The Benefits of learning Spanish | Top 20

What are the benefits to knowing Spanish now and in the future?

 The Benefits of learning Spanish


Spanish is one of the most popular languages worldwide. If you want to learn Spanish, then you need to be consistent. You can start by 30 minutes every day.
If you are the one who is confused about which new language to learn, then look at these benefits. Now here we are going to discuss some of the benefits of learning Spanish.
1-    Standing out from the crowd.
Learning another language will make you look outstanding; it highlights your resume and will tell a lot about you. Not only about personality, but it has also now become a business requirement. It will provide you with an advantage.
Speaking Spanish will make you more desirable and marketable. Many of your colleagues will be impressed as you have done a tough task of learning a second language.
It is not necessary to speak Spanish fluently without any grammatical errors to reap its benefits, with only start applying basic Spanish to any conversation will make you different.
2-    It will make you feel good.
Learning a language like Spanish will make you feel good about yourself. It will give you a sense of achievement and will also boost your self-esteem.
3-   Life is a journey
Spanish is spoken officially in 21 countries. It will be a great experience to be able to mingle with the local people and their culture. Also, you will enjoy traveling more than the average person.
4-    Eat, pray and read
There are various kinds of books in Spanish that can change your life forever, about history, culture, food, that will rock your world. By learning this foreign language, you can have this enjoyable opportunity.
5-   Power to the mind
Learning a new language helps in boosting your memory and will keep your mind sharp. Learning Spanish can help in preventing Alzheimer’s and other disorders.
6-   You can make friends.
You can make new friends while traveling in certain parts of the world. You will find yourself having deep, meaningful conversations with them.
7-    It can help you make the right decisions.
According to the studies, people who learn a second language are not only smarter and are more likely to make better decisions. They are more analytical in their long term planning and become wiser in their financial decisions.
So start learning Spanish if you want to be rational.
8-    You can find love
There are more than 400 million Spanish speaking people across the globe. You will have a good chance of finding your life partner as you will be able to meet different people from all over the world.
9-   Singing songs
World’s top music tracks are in Spanish language only. The music is so amazing that you will find yourself addicted to it.
10-  Watch movies
There are many great movies in Spanish. By learning Spanish, you can enjoy these movies and appreciate the work.
11-  It will make you more employable.
Spanish is one of the most popular languages globally; it will help you a lot in business. It will make you one of the best candidates to obtain any position.
12- Makes you a better person
Learning Spanish makes you more focused and also increases your ability to learn and understand different cultures.
13- You can enter in the world of art, literature, and creativity.
The world is full of art and creativity. The Spanish language can help you in understanding and appreciating their art and literature.
14- Using slangs
You can use various slangs to convey your thoughts in a much more relaxed manner. It will help you to understand and transfer your thoughts with the people making you a little bit more Hispano.
15-  It’s doesn’t require so much time.
Don’t think that it’s going to take years. You can learn Spanish within a few weeks depending upon your practice.
16-  Understanding culture 
Spanish can make you understand the culture of Spanish speaking people. You can relate to them quickly and understand their feelings.
17-  Translator 
By learning the Spanish language, you can work as a translator in many companies. It will play quite a significant role in getting a new job.
18-  One of the best languages to learn
Spanish is one of the best languages to learn because it is spoken worldwide and will help you in many ways in the future.
19-  Skill builder
Learning a new foreign language builds your skills and will make you superior. It is one of the best and easiest ways to develop your skills.
20-  You can learn it even in your vacations
If you want to learn something new in your holidays, you can study  Spanish. It will help you to utilize your time in a better way.
If you want to build your skills or learn something new, you should go for learning Spanish. You won’t regret it,  because learn this language has many benefits.

Spanish Speaking Countries | Articles

What are the 21 countries that speak Spanish?

Spanish Speaking Countries

Which Spanish should I learn?, spanish speaking countries

English is our international language, but do you know besides the English which foreign language is most prevalent? Well, you can guess from our headline. Yes, that is Spanish. Most of the people in this world are native Spanish speakers, and many students have a dream to learn this language. That’s why we should know how many countries and people speak Spanish, which is the discussion matter of our today’s article. So, stay tuned because you are going to learn something unusual about this language.

Some basics about Spanish

Suppose we go back to the history of the Spanish language. In that case, we will get knowledge of its origin, which is the Iberian Peninsula of Europe by the Romans during the Second Punic War. Spanish is a romance language such as French, Italian, Portuguese, or Romanian. It is an official language of 21 countries, and besides, these lots of other countries are there where Spanish is a spoken language. 

List of top Spanish Speaking Countries

After knowing some brief history of Spanish, now you should see the list of countries having Spanish as their official language.

Besides, Spanish is also speaking in the US, Belize, Andorra, Gibraltar, and many other nations. About 572 million people are Spanish speakers in this world, from which 477 million are native speakers, which comes third after English and Mandarin Chinese. After English and French, the most studied language is Spanish. 


1.Costa rica

Population: 4,953,199



Population: 40,900,496



Population: 11,235,863



Population: 10,426,154



Population: 17,248,450



Population: 45,783,000


7.Dominican Republic

Population: 11,235,863


8.El Salvador

Population: 6,183,002



Population: 14,361,666


10.         Ecuador

Population: 14,306,000



Population: 112,396,211


12.Equatorial Guinea






Population: 47,021,031



Population: 8,215,313





Population: 29,797,694



Population: 3,508,000



Population: 5,822,000



Population: 6,460,000


21.                Puerto Rico

Population: 3,193,694

Language is an essential ingredient in our life as we humans are social animals. Various studies show that learning different languages can rewire your brain and provide you with the ability to think and see a situation differently. Communication is the way of expressing our feelings, and language is a medium. Therefore, we should learn Spanish like popular languages, which not only helps us to grow internationally but also improves brain functioning. Now its up to you to think about the question: Which Spanish should I learn?

Why Is It Important to Learn Spanish?

Why is it important to learn Spanish?. A language is a system of interaction with each other through the use of actions and symbols. It can be spoken or written. It is a way of expressing ourselves with the people of a community or country. Language is an integral part of human life; it is a way of addressing our innate potential to form lasting bonds.

There are 6500 languages in the world today. Let’s take the example of a common language, Spanish. Spanish is the language of Spain and is the third most widely spoken language in the world after  English and Mandarin Chinese. 
Romance language.

This language has the characteristic of being one of the most romantic and beautiful languages ​​for its loving and erotic sound. Spanish songs are considered one of the sweetest and most harmonious. It is the language of emotions and feelings. It is one of the languages ​​that adapt since, according to the researchers, it takes between 22 and 24 weeks to learn Spanish.

      Spanish is a unique language.

It is a trendy language, and we watch it because it is the mother tongue of nearly 400 million people. Experts predict that for 2050 will be more than 530 million Spanish speakers in the world. Its uniqueness can be well understood and described by 21 countries that have Spanish as their official language. 
Spanish is the second most studied language after English in the United States. The language of the romance is considered a phonetic language since the words are with the same pronunciation, and it makes it easy for the person to learn and to speak the language faster. 

It is interesting to note that the Spanish language is increasing their number of speakers, due to the great importance in the sectors, how, for example, the commercial industry.  Latin American countries are one of the most important trading partners, and be able to speak Spanish significantly will enhance your resume and increase your opportunities.

Spanish Verbs | Dict Spanish

What are examples of Spanish verbs?

Spanish Verbs | Dict Spanish

List of Spanish verbs from A to Z. English to Spanish translation. Study basic Spanish verbs with online lessons.