Language Exchange with Spanish Speakers

What are the best language exchange methods?

conversation topics for language exchange
Language is not just literature to read or speak, but it’s an emotion. And if you are engaged in learning some languages, not of your country, then it’s more challenging. Many tutorials describe various ways of learning a new language like Spanish, but nothing provides value until you can’t practice it with a native speaker.
You can do this; for example, you can converse online through video chats on different platforms if you are away from the Spanish speaking countries.
If you just moved to a Spanish speaking country and made some friends and started a language exchange with each other, the first few conversations may be useful. But after that, various barriers will appear like not understanding correctly, don’t knowing what to say, or finishing a topic.
Therefore, in these articles, let’s be familiar with ten different topics for language exchange with Spanish native speakers.

Top 10 language exchange topics for raising a conversation with native speakers

1.   Tradition and Culture
Tradition and culture are a great topic to practice language exchange with a native Spanish speaker. If you are from India and visited a country where Spanish is an official language, more chances are that you can raise a quiet conversation by praising their clothing, styles. You can ask for the traditional importance behind that.
2.   Childhood
Childhood memories are always unique, and if you want to start a new conversion, you can ask a question about the place he or she lived in their childhood or some special event that happened in their childhood time. There may be chances they become emotional, and you can relate his incident and can share yours.
3.   History
If you and your native Spanish speaking friend travel a long way for recreation, there may be some sculptures or statues or anything from the past. You can ask the history of those ancient attractions. Besides, if you are exploring along, ask your guide about the origin.
4.   Travel
You are traveling around the countries, that means you love traveling, and that may be a topic to ask the native speaker which countries they visited before.
5.   Movies, music, books
You don’t have any more topics in your mind, then you can start exchanging language on favorite movies, music, and books of each other. Also, you can talk about a famous film or book or music you both love.
6.   Sports
Sports may be a great topic if you are a sportsperson, love outdoor playing or fitness.
7.   Food
From countries to countries, a variety of foods are available, and you can start an initial conversation with the food you love and can plan for trying the favorite dishes of each other.
8.   Holidays
Whether you are just visiting a Spanish speaking country for fulfilling a bucket list or practicing Spanish at home through a video chat, you can ask about the holidays you have during your school or academic period and extend a conversation like this.
9.   Interest and Hobbies
Hobbies and interests are something you can start talking on anytime you want and no matter with whom.
10.     Family
The family topic may be an initial level question when you become friendly with your language exchange partner. You can ask about their family members and their profession and can start a good conversation.
Well said by  Federico Fellini, “A different language is a different vision of life,” and therefore, we should explore more languages to grasp diverse perceptions of life. It will happen when you examine different native speakers that how they are talking, and you will learn a variety of their traditions as well. Language exchange is not only for learning that language or literature entirely, but you can also get a chance to read the feelings of peoples of different cultures.
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