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What are the 21 countries that speak Spanish?

Spanish Speaking Countries

Which Spanish should I learn?, spanish speaking countries

English is our international language, but do you know besides the English which foreign language is most prevalent? Well, you can guess from our headline. Yes, that is Spanish. Most of the people in this world are native Spanish speakers, and many students have a dream to learn this language. That’s why we should know how many countries and people speak Spanish, which is the discussion matter of our today’s article. So, stay tuned because you are going to learn something unusual about this language.

Some basics about Spanish

Suppose we go back to the history of the Spanish language. In that case, we will get knowledge of its origin, which is the Iberian Peninsula of Europe by the Romans during the Second Punic War. Spanish is a romance language such as French, Italian, Portuguese, or Romanian. It is an official language of 21 countries, and besides, these lots of other countries are there where Spanish is a spoken language. 

List of top Spanish Speaking Countries

After knowing some brief history of Spanish, now you should see the list of countries having Spanish as their official language.

Besides, Spanish is also speaking in the US, Belize, Andorra, Gibraltar, and many other nations. About 572 million people are Spanish speakers in this world, from which 477 million are native speakers, which comes third after English and Mandarin Chinese. After English and French, the most studied language is Spanish. 


1.Costa rica

Population: 4,953,199



Population: 40,900,496



Population: 11,235,863



Population: 10,426,154



Population: 17,248,450



Population: 45,783,000


7.Dominican Republic

Population: 11,235,863


8.El Salvador

Population: 6,183,002



Population: 14,361,666


10.         Ecuador

Population: 14,306,000



Population: 112,396,211


12.Equatorial Guinea






Population: 47,021,031



Population: 8,215,313





Population: 29,797,694



Population: 3,508,000



Population: 5,822,000



Population: 6,460,000


21.                Puerto Rico

Population: 3,193,694

Language is an essential ingredient in our life as we humans are social animals. Various studies show that learning different languages can rewire your brain and provide you with the ability to think and see a situation differently. Communication is the way of expressing our feelings, and language is a medium. Therefore, we should learn Spanish like popular languages, which not only helps us to grow internationally but also improves brain functioning. Now its up to you to think about the question: Which Spanish should I learn?

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