Origin of the Spanish language

Origin of the Spanish language | When was the language Spanish invented?

history of spanish language

History and origin of the Spanish language. The evolution has impacted of development of the Spanish language. Prehistoric man, the Tartessians, the Iberians, the Greeks, the Vandals, the Alans, the Moors, the Romans, and many other cultures left their mark on Spanish speaking countries and their language.


The origin of the Spanish language

When the Romans took over the peninsula, they brought their language with them and imposed it on the people. From that time, Latin was the dominant language in the region posteriorly the Spanish language evolved from Latin.

Spanish is also known as Castilian in Latin America and Spain after the dialect, which arouses in Cantabria in the 9th century. In the late 15th century, Castilian became the official language of Spain. Galician spoke in northwestern Spain, and Catalan eastern and northeastern Spain were reduced in the late 20th century. Mozarabic was the dialect of Spanish, which was used in Arab-occupied Spain before the 12th century.


Is the Spanish language a mixture of Arab, Latin, and Greek?

Spanish is a mixture of Latin and Gothic to some extent. There is a lot of Gothic influence in grammar and idioms.


Spread of Spanish language in Latin America?

The Spanish language spread in Latin America because of its dominance. Spanish was deeply implanted even after the end of the Spanish empire in America in the early 19th century. None of the successor states tried to remove or replace it with any other indigenous languages.


How old is the Spanish language?

The first Spanish grammar book was written in 1492. It was the primary language of all the countries of that region. It started becoming a language in the 13th century.


Why is Spanish so famous and essential?

The Spanish language was widespread because of the Spanish empire. It was originated before the British empire.

The Spanish empire extended over the Iberian peninsula, Central Europe, the Netherlands, Africa, etc. The Spanish empire was the first truly global empire. During its expansion, the Spanish empire spread its language all over its colonies. Therefore, Spanish is one of the most spoken and widespread languages in the most number of countries across the globe.


Some interesting facts

– It is a great language to learn for business and resume.

– It is a universal language.

– It is straightforward to convey and understand.

– Spanish has two genders – masculine and feminine.

– It has a specified verbal complexity.

– It does not have many exceptions.

– It also has irregular verbs.

– It is much required nowadays.

– It can be learned in more or less than one year.

The Spanish language has now become a necessity in today’s world. Because of the Spanish empire, the Spanish language is recognized as one of the most popular and required language across the globe.

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