Opposite of Alto in Spanish

Opposite of Alto in Spanish

Opposite of Alto in Spanish

What is the opposite of alto in Spanish? This Spanish word which means high. The word alto is usually used to represent musical notes. The opposite of word alto is bajo. Both of these words describe various notes in music; like high note or low note. 


This sentence ‘Pedro is an expert in low notes’ is translated in Spanish as ‘Pedro es un experto en notas bajas’.

These words are also used to describe a person or things.


‘The palms are high’  is translated as ‘Las palmas son altas’.

She is tall – Ella es alta.


alto – high, tall (masculine) (adjective)

alta – high, tall (feminine)(adjective)

alto – loud (adverb)

bajo – low (masculine) (adjective)

baja – low (feminine) (adjective)

bajo in Spanish also means bass.

Sentences with the opposite of alto in Spanish

La chica es alta.The girl is tall.
Ella es más alta que él.She is taller than him.
Yo soy alta.I’m tall.
Mi hermano es muy alto.My brother is very tall.
Mi papá es alto.My dad is tall.
Todos somos altos.We are all tall.
Ellos son altos.They are tall.
Carlos es más alto que tú.Carlos is taller than you.
El árbol es alto.The tree is tall.
El edificio es muy alto.The building is very tall.
La torre es alta.The tower is tall.
La canción está altathe song is high

ESSA in Spanish

ESSA in SpanishESSA in Spanish

What is ESSA in Spanish? ESSA is the abbreviated version of Every Student Succeeds Act. It is an Act passed by the US law in December 2015 which governs the public education policy. This law has replaced the former education law known as the No Child Left Behind Act. ESSA was signed by President Obama and represents good news for every school in US. 

The Spanish translation for Every Student Succeeds Act is ‘Ley de éxito de cada estudiante’.

Example: the sentence ‘Every Student Succeeds Act has changed lives of many children’ is translated in Spanish as Ley de éxito de cada estudiante, ha cambiado la vida de muchos niños’.

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121 in Spanish

 What is 121 in Spanish?

How to say 121 in Spanish? 121 is a quantitative number also written as one hundred and twenty-one. It is a cardinal number. The ordinal number of 121 is one hundred and twenty-first or 121st. It is written like CXXI in Roman Numerals. It comes after one hundred and twenty and before one hundred and twenty-two. 

How do you say one hundred twenty-one in Spanish? 

One hundred and twenty-one is translated as  ‘ciento veintiuno’

Example: This sentence ‘The temple is one hundred twenty one years old’ is translated in Spanish as ‘El templo tiene ciento veintiún años de edad’.

Numbers in Spanish

Sexting in Spanish

Sexting in Spanish

What is sexting in Spanish? Sexting is a newly added to the English Language which is a combination of two word; sex+text. This word describes an action of performing sex while texting someone, having sex using text messages. This is a quite new experience as it only became possible after the invention of mobile phone and messages.

How do you say sexting in Spanish? 

sexting – sextear, sexteando


Nancy: Hola mi cielo, ¿cómo has estado hoy? | Hello my dear, how have you been today?

Carlos: Hola cariño, ¿te gustaría sextear? | Hi sweetie, would you like to sexting? 

Nancy: Sí, seguro  |  Yes, sure

Sentences with the word sexting in Spanish

Me gustaría sextear con mi novio.I would like to sext with my boyfriend.
¿Qué es sextear?What is sexting?
Mi novio no quiere sextear conmigo.My boyfriend doesn’t want to sex with me.
Soy muy tímida como para estar sexteando.I’m too shy to be sexting.
¿Sabes qué es sextear?Do you know what sexting is?
Descubrí a mi hijo sexteando ayer.I caught my son sexting yesterday.
Sextear es enviar mensajes sexuales.Sexting is sending sexual messages.
¿Crees que sexteando se mantiene una relación a distancia?Do you think that sexting maintains a long-distance relationship?
Vamos a probar si sextear enciende la llama de la relación.Let’s test if sexting lights the flame of the relationship.
Ya me cansé de sextear, quiero verte.I’m tired of sexting, I want to see you.
Llevamos tiempo sexteando pero nunca nos vemos.We’ve been sexting for a while but we never see each other.
No sé si es posible sextear en grupo.I don’t know if it’s possible to group sext.
Nunca he oído el término sextear.I’ve never heard the term sexting.
Sexteando descubrí que se puede establecer una relación a distancia.Sexting I discovered that a long-distance relationship can be established.
Quedé con mi novio para sextear en la noche.I met my boyfriend to sext at night.
Me pasé el día sexteando con mi novio.I spent the day sexting with my boyfriend.
Mi amiga es fanática a sextear con chicos que no conoce.My friend is a fan of sexting with guys she doesn’t know.
Descubrí a mi prima sexteando con mi esposo.I caught my cousin sexting with my husband.
No entiendo por qué te gusta sextear.I don’t understand why you like to sext.
Prefiero vernos que andar sexteando.I’d rather see each other than go around sexting.
Nunca antes había usado la palabra sextear.I’ve never used the word sexting before.
Amor, ¿has estado sexteando con la vecina?Honey, have you been sexting the neighbor?
Nuestros hijos han estado sexteando desde hace tiempo.Our kids have been sexting for a long time.
Triana, deja de sextear con desconocidos.Triana, stop sexting with strangers.
Te descubrí sexteando y eres una niña, estás castigada.I caught you sexting and you’re a girl, you’re grounded.
¿No tienes chispa para sextear?No spark to sext?
Mi novio no me motiva sexteando.My boyfriend doesn’t motivate me by sexting.
Quiero sextear con mi novio pero él no lo ve bien.I want to sex with my boyfriend but he doesn’t see it well.
Mis padres están sexteando entre ellos.My parents are sexting each other.
Le he cogido gusto a sextear contigo.I’ve taken a liking to sexting with you.


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Baka in Spanish

What does Baka mean?

baka in Spanish

Baka is a group of people with specific characteristics: In the historical epic this people are characterized by being hunter-gatherers and having an average height of 5 feet, formerly called pygmies and they are located in the tropical jungle of Central Africa. They are generally discriminated against by society and are members of a nomadic pygmy.

Baka in the Japanese language: In the Japanese language, which means idiot, dumb or stupid person.

How do you say Baka in Spanish? 

Baka remains the same if you use it to talk about the members of a nomadic pygmy, but when you translate this word from Japanese it means: stupid, crazy or insane.

Usage of Baka:

member of a nomadic Pygmy – baka

(crazy, stupid) – loco, estúpido (masc.)

(crazy, stupid) – loca, estúpida (fem.)

Sentences with ‘Baka’ ethnic group:

Los baka son un pueblo perteneciente a las tribus pigmeas.The (…) are a people belonging to the Pygmy tribes.
En la región sudoriental de Camerún habitan los baka.The (…) live in the southeastern region of Cameroon.
Los baka son cazadores recolectores.The (…) are hunter gatherers.
Los pigmeos baka se localizan en la selva del África Central.The (…) Pygmies are located in the jungles of Central Africa.
Solo miden poco más de 1,5 metros los baka.The (…) are only a little over 1.5 meters tall.
Los baka son discriminados comúnmente.The (…) are commonly discriminated against.
La vida seminómada es de los baka.Semi-nomadic life belongs to the (…) .
Los baka son marginados de las sociedades a las que se adhieren. ​The (…) are marginalized from the societies to which they adhere.​
Algunos baka residen en la selva.Some (…) reside in the jungle.
¿Has visto los baka de Gabón?Have you seen the (…) of Gabon?
También existen baka en el Congo.(…) also exist in the Congo.
¿Vivirán baka en el sudeste africano?Will (…) live in South East Africa?
El pueblo baka se concentra en Camerún.The (…) people are concentrated in Cameroon.
Los baka son un pueblo sedentario.The (…) are a sedentary people.
La intensa deforestación afecta a los baka.The intense deforestation affects the (…) .
Los baka no encuentran reconocimiento social.The (…) do not find social recognition.
La Survival International priva de derecho a los baka.Survival International disenfranchises the (…) .
Los baka mantienen su lengua materna.The (…) maintain their mother tongue.
El Ubangiano es la lengua baka.Ubangian is the (…) language.
Los baka creen en la metamorfosis.The (…) believe in metamorphosis.
Los baka adoran a Komba.The (…) worship Komba.
Adoran a Eyengui los baka.Eyengui is worshiped by the (…) .
Los baka bailan su ritual llamado Luma.The (…) dance their ritual called Luma.
La muerte de un baka es un infortunio.The death of a (…) is a misfortune.
Los baka bailan alrededor de sus muertos.The (…) dance around their dead.
Baka fue un faraón egipcio de la dinastía IV.(…) was an Egyptian pharaoh of the 4th dynasty.
No conocía la existencia de los baka.He did not know the existence of the (…) .
Reconozcan los derechos a los baka.Recognize the rights of the (…) .
Iré de excursión con los baka.I will go hiking with the (…) .
Ella está casada con un baka.She is married to a (…) .
Los bakas tienen un tamaño promedio.Bakas are average in size.
Los bakas son discriminados por la sociedad.The (…) are discriminated against by society.
En el grupo baka siempre están juntos.In the (…) group they are always together.
Los bakas son cazadores recolectores.The (…) are hunter gatherers.
Los bakas son un grupo de personas con características específicas.The Bakas are a group of people with specific characteristics.

Sentences with ‘Baka’ like stupid, dumb or crazy:

Ese chico es un ‘baka'(estúpido)That boy is a ‘(…) ‘(stupid)
Ella es ‘baka‘ (loca)She is ‘(…) ‘ (crazy)
Ellos son ‘bakas‘ (estúpidos)They are ‘(…) ‘ (stupid)
Los que hicieron esto son unos ‘bakas‘ (estúpidos)Those who did this are ‘(…) ‘ (stupid)
¿Por qué lo hiciste, eres ‘baka‘ o qué? (loco)Why did you do it, are you ‘(…) ‘ or what? (mad)
Yo no soy ‘baka‘ (estúpido)I’m not ‘(…) ‘ (stupid)

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Ashwagandha in Spanish

Ashwagandha in Spanish

What is Ashwagandha in Spanish? Ashwagandha is a naturally occurring herb used for medicinal purpose. It is mostly used by Indians. It is commonly known as Indian ginseng, poison gooseberry. The word Ashwagandha describes the smell of its roots meaning ‘like a horse’. By meaning ashwa means horse. 

How to translate Ashwagandha in Spanish? 

The Spanish word for Ashwagandha is ‘Ashwagandha’.it remains the same in both languages.

Sentences with the word Ashwagandha in Spanish

La bufera se conoce también como Ashwagandha.Bufera is also known as Ashwagandha.
Ashwagandha es una planta.Ashwagandha is a plant.
La Ashwagandha es conocida también como ginseng indio.Ashwagandha is also known as Indian ginseng.
Ashwagandha es uno de los nombres que recibe el oroval.Ashwagandha is one of the names that oroval receives.
El orval se conoce como Ashwagandha.The orval is known as Ashwagandha.
La Ashwagandha o hierba mora mayor desprende un aroma particular.The Ashwagandha or greater blackberry herb gives off a particular aroma.
La traducción literal de Ashwagandha es “aroma de caballo”.The literal translation of Ashwagandha is “horse aroma”.
¿Se puede trepar esa Ashwagandha?Can you climb that Ashwagandha?
La Ashwagandha es un arbusto erecto.Ashwagandha is an erect bush.
El fruto de la Ashwagandha es una baya.The fruit of Ashwagandha is a berry.
La flor de Ashwagandha es verdosa.Ashwagandha flower is greenish.
¿De dónde es la Ashwagandha?Where is Ashwagandha from?
Creo que la Ashwagandha es originaria de Asia.I believe that Ashwagandha is native to Asia.
La raíz de Ashwagandha tiene propiedades sedantes.Ashwagandha root has sedative properties.
La Ashwagandha es un somnífero.Ashwagandha is a sleeping pill.
En la medicina tradicional china se usa la Ashwagandha.Ashwagandha is used in traditional Chinese medicine.
¿Tiene la Ashwagandha propiedades contra el Alzheimer?Does Ashwagandha have properties against Alzheimer’s?
Ashwagandha es un arbusto de hoja perenne.Ashwagandha is an evergreen shrub.
La Ashwagandha contiene sustancias químicas que pueden ayudar a calmar el cerebro.Ashwagandha contains chemicals that can help calm the brain.
Tengo irritado el estómago por consumir Ashwagandha.I have an upset stomach from consuming Ashwagandha.
No consumo Ashwagandha porque tengo una úlcera estomacal.I don’t take Ashwagandha because I have a stomach ulcer.
Debes consultar al médico antes de tomar Ashwagandha.You should consult the doctor before taking Ashwagandha.
La Ashwagandha podría alterar los niveles de hormona tiroidea.Ashwagandha might alter thyroid hormone levels.
La Ashwagandha se debe tomar dos veces al día.Ashwagandha should be taken twice a day.
En dos semanas podemos ver los beneficios del consumo de Ashwagandha.In two weeks we can see the benefits of consuming Ashwagandha.
Yo tomaba Ashwagandha para adelgazar.I used to take Ashwagandha to lose weight.
Mi ansiedad no se calma con Ashwagandha.My anxiety does not calm down with Ashwagandha.
¿Has consumido Ashwagandha?Have you consumed Ashwagandha?
No sé cómo preparar la Ashwagandha.I don’t know how to prepare Ashwagandha.
Podemos encontrar la Ashwagandha en polvo y en cápsula.We can find Ashwagandha in powder and capsule form.

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497 in Spanish

What is 497 in Spanish?

How do you say 497 in Spanish? 497 is a quantitative number also written as four hundred and ninety-seven. It is a cardinal number. The ordinal number of 497 is four hundred and ninety-seventh or 497th. It is written like CDXCVII in roman numerals. It comes after four hundred and ninety-six and before four hundred and ninety-eight. 

How to translate 497 in Spanish?

The Spanish term for four hundred and ninety-seven is ‘cuatrocientos noventa y siete’.


Hay cuatrocientos noventa y siete estudiantes en la escuela primaria. – There are four hundred and ninety-seven students in the elementary school.
Hay alrededor de cuatrocientos noventa y siete habitantes en la isla. – There are about four hundred and ninety-seven inhabitants on the island.
En la librería tenemos cuatrocientos noventa y siete libros. – In the bookstore we have four hundred and ninety-seven books.
Hemos elaborado cuatrocientos noventa y siete panes para el consumo de la población. – We have made four hundred and ninety-seven loaves for the consumption of the population.
Debo de trabajar cuatrocientos noventa y siete horas. – I have to work four hundred and ninety-seven hours.
Necesito cuatrocientos noventa y siete pesos. – I need four hundred and ninety-seven dollars.
Hay cuatrocientos noventa y siete animales en el zoo. – There are four hundred and ninety-seven animals in the zoo.
Compramos cuatrocientos noventa y siete colores. – We buy four hundred and ninety-seven colors.
Mi abuela me dió cuatrocientos noventa y siete pesos. – My grandmother gave me four hundred and ninety-seven dollars.
Cuesta cuatrocientos noventa y siete dólares. – She costs four hundred and ninety-seven dollars.
Debes manejar cuatrocientos noventa y siete millas. – You must drive four hundred and ninety-seven miles.
Pedro pudo correr los cuatrocientos noventa y siete minutos sin parar. – Pedro was able to run the four hundred and ninety-seven minutes without stopping.
Son cuatrocientos noventa y siete kilómetros. – It is four hundred and ninety-seven kilometers.
Pudimos hacer cuatrocientos noventa y siete metros. – We were able to do four hundred and ninety-seven meters.
Es una mansión de cuatrocientos noventa y siete metros cuadrado. – It is a mansion of four hundred and ninety-seven meters square.
No quiero los cuatrocientos noventa y siete pesos. – I don’t want the four hundred and ninety-seven dollars.
Son cuatrocientos noventa y siete paticos en total. – There are four hundred and ninety-seven ducks in all.
Duró cuatrocientos noventa y siete segundos. – It lasted four hundred and ninety-seven seconds.
Tiene cuatrocientos noventa y siete metro de altura. – It is four hundred and ninety-seven meters high.
Me ofreció cuatrocientos noventa y siete pesos. -She offered me four hundred and ninety-seven dollars.
Mi renta cuesta cuatrocientos noventa y siete pesos mensual. – My rent costs four hundred and ninety-seven dollars a month.

Numbers in Spanish

235 in Spanish

What is 235 in Spanish?

How to say 235 in Spanish? 235 is a quantitative number also written as two hundred and thirty-five. It is a cardinal number. The ordinal number of 235 is two hundred and thirty-fifth or 235th. It is written like CCXXXV in roman numerals. It comes after two hundred and thirty-four and before two hundred and thirty-six. 

How do you say two hundred and thirty-five in Spanish?

The Spanish word for two hundred and thirty-five is ‘doscientos treinta y cinco’

Example: The sentence ‘There are two hundred and thirty-five rooms in my hostel’ is translated in Spanish as ‘Hay doscientas treinta y cinco habitaciones en mi hostal’.

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Sasquatch in Spanish

What is Sasquatch in Spanish? Sasquatch is a word from English language that is used to describe a particular hairy, giant animal from the Canadian and American folklore. Sasquatch is also known as big foot. Another version of Sasquatch that lives in snowy places is called Yeti. This creature is only reported to be seen in Northwestern America or Western Canada. 

So, how do you say Sasquatch in Spanish? 

The word remains the same in both the languages. 

Example: this sentence ‘The police got reported multiple Sasquatch sightings’ is translated as ‘La policía recibió informes de múltiples avistamientos de Sasquatch’.

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Quran in Spanish

Quran in Spanish

What is Quran in Spanish? Quran is an Arabic word referring to a Holy religious book of Islam. It is the last Holy book of Muslims, revealed on their last Holy Prophet Muhammad. The Holy book Quran consists of 114 Surahs, comprising in 30 Parahs or chapters. Quran is a sacred book for Muslims and they are obliged to live their lives according to the teachings of Quran.

How to translate Quran in Spanish?

Quran – Corán

Sentences with the word Quran in Spanish

Y él diría, bueno eso no está en el Corán.And he would say, well that’s not in the Quran.
Por el Corán, puedo tener cuatro esposas de todos modos.By the Quran, I can have four wives anyway.
Duermes con el Corán a tu lado de la cama.You sleep with the Quran on your side of the bed.
Tú estás aquí y yo sé que dice mi Corán.You are here and I know what my Quran says.
El Corán es el libro del amor, no del odio.The Quran is the book of love, not hate.
Y sé que el Corán no te enseña a odiar.And I know that the Quran does not teach you to hate.
Además de recitar el Corán, ¿qué otras cosas sabes hacer?Apart from reciting the Quran, what other things can you do?
El Corán dice claramente que está mal, lo que estás haciendo.The Qur’an clearly says that it is wrong, what you are doing.
Terminé el Corán a la edad de 13 años.I finished the Qur’an at the age of 13.
Pero he estado leyendo el Corán y rezando cinco veces al día.But I have been reading the Quran and praying five times a day.
Necesitas abrir los ojos y leer el Corán otra vez.You need to open your eyes and read the Quran again.
El Corán tiene algo para cada ocasión.The Quran has something for every occasion.
No tiene nada que ver con el Islam ni con el Corán.It has nothing to do with Islam or the Quran.
Ella tenía una traducción del Corán en hebreo.She had a translation of the Quran in Hebrew.
Su mujer ha dicho que llevaba un Corán.Her wife has said that she was carrying a Quran.
Usted ha aprendido algunas cosas del Corán de memoria.You have learned some things from the Quran by heart.
El Corán fue traducido a muchos idiomas.The Qur’an was translated into many languages.
Allí estudian el Corán.There they study the Quran.
Es una copia del Corán del siglo XIV.It is a copy of the Quran from the 14th century.
¿Cree que me puede enseñar el Corán?Do you think you can teach me the Quran?
Te dije que no me citaras el Corán.I told you not to quote the Quran to me.
En el Corán no se aprueba la lapidación.Stoning is not approved of in the Quran.
Lo cogió y me lo juró sobre el Corán.He took it and swore it to me on the Quran.
Es exactamente como dice en el Corán.It is exactly as it says in the Quran.
La mayoría ni puede leer el Corán.Most cannot even read the Quran.
No dejes abierto el Corán.Do not leave the Quran open.
El Corán es el libro sagrado de los musulmanes.The Quran is the holy book of Muslims.
Claro que he leído el Corán.Of course I have read the Quran.
En el Corán no hay fundamentos para hacer una cosa así.There is no basis in the Qur’an for doing such a thing.
Cuéntale a ella lo que dice el Corán.Tell her what the Quran says.

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