Baka in Spanish

What does Baka mean?

baka in Spanish

Baka is a group of people with specific characteristics: In the historical epic this people are characterized by being hunter-gatherers and having an average height of 5 feet, formerly called pygmies and they are located in the tropical jungle of Central Africa. They are generally discriminated against by society and are members of a nomadic pygmy.

Baka in the Japanese language: In the Japanese language, which means idiot, dumb or stupid person.

How do you say Baka in Spanish? 

Baka remains the same if you use it to talk about the members of a nomadic pygmy, but when you translate this word from Japanese it means: stupid, crazy or insane.

Usage of Baka:

member of a nomadic Pygmy – baka

(crazy, stupid) – loco, estúpido (masc.)

(crazy, stupid) – loca, estúpida (fem.)

Sentences with ‘Baka’ ethnic group:

Los baka son un pueblo perteneciente a las tribus pigmeas.The (…) are a people belonging to the Pygmy tribes.
En la región sudoriental de Camerún habitan los baka.The (…) live in the southeastern region of Cameroon.
Los baka son cazadores recolectores.The (…) are hunter gatherers.
Los pigmeos baka se localizan en la selva del África Central.The (…) Pygmies are located in the jungles of Central Africa.
Solo miden poco más de 1,5 metros los baka.The (…) are only a little over 1.5 meters tall.
Los baka son discriminados comúnmente.The (…) are commonly discriminated against.
La vida seminómada es de los baka.Semi-nomadic life belongs to the (…) .
Los baka son marginados de las sociedades a las que se adhieren. ​The (…) are marginalized from the societies to which they adhere.​
Algunos baka residen en la selva.Some (…) reside in the jungle.
¿Has visto los baka de Gabón?Have you seen the (…) of Gabon?
También existen baka en el Congo.(…) also exist in the Congo.
¿Vivirán baka en el sudeste africano?Will (…) live in South East Africa?
El pueblo baka se concentra en Camerún.The (…) people are concentrated in Cameroon.
Los baka son un pueblo sedentario.The (…) are a sedentary people.
La intensa deforestación afecta a los baka.The intense deforestation affects the (…) .
Los baka no encuentran reconocimiento social.The (…) do not find social recognition.
La Survival International priva de derecho a los baka.Survival International disenfranchises the (…) .
Los baka mantienen su lengua materna.The (…) maintain their mother tongue.
El Ubangiano es la lengua baka.Ubangian is the (…) language.
Los baka creen en la metamorfosis.The (…) believe in metamorphosis.
Los baka adoran a Komba.The (…) worship Komba.
Adoran a Eyengui los baka.Eyengui is worshiped by the (…) .
Los baka bailan su ritual llamado Luma.The (…) dance their ritual called Luma.
La muerte de un baka es un infortunio.The death of a (…) is a misfortune.
Los baka bailan alrededor de sus muertos.The (…) dance around their dead.
Baka fue un faraón egipcio de la dinastía IV.(…) was an Egyptian pharaoh of the 4th dynasty.
No conocía la existencia de los baka.He did not know the existence of the (…) .
Reconozcan los derechos a los baka.Recognize the rights of the (…) .
Iré de excursión con los baka.I will go hiking with the (…) .
Ella está casada con un baka.She is married to a (…) .
Los bakas tienen un tamaño promedio.Bakas are average in size.
Los bakas son discriminados por la sociedad.The (…) are discriminated against by society.
En el grupo baka siempre están juntos.In the (…) group they are always together.
Los bakas son cazadores recolectores.The (…) are hunter gatherers.
Los bakas son un grupo de personas con características específicas.The Bakas are a group of people with specific characteristics.

Sentences with ‘Baka’ like stupid, dumb or crazy:

Ese chico es un ‘baka'(estúpido)That boy is a ‘(…) ‘(stupid)
Ella es ‘baka‘ (loca)She is ‘(…) ‘ (crazy)
Ellos son ‘bakas‘ (estúpidos)They are ‘(…) ‘ (stupid)
Los que hicieron esto son unos ‘bakas‘ (estúpidos)Those who did this are ‘(…) ‘ (stupid)
¿Por qué lo hiciste, eres ‘baka‘ o qué? (loco)Why did you do it, are you ‘(…) ‘ or what? (mad)
Yo no soy ‘baka‘ (estúpido)I’m not ‘(…) ‘ (stupid)

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