Ashwagandha in Spanish

Ashwagandha in Spanish

What is Ashwagandha in Spanish? Ashwagandha is a naturally occurring herb used for medicinal purpose. It is mostly used by Indians. It is commonly known as Indian ginseng, poison gooseberry. The word Ashwagandha describes the smell of its roots meaning ‘like a horse’. By meaning ashwa means horse. 

How to translate Ashwagandha in Spanish? 

The Spanish word for Ashwagandha is ‘Ashwagandha’.it remains the same in both languages.

Sentences with the word Ashwagandha in Spanish

La bufera se conoce también como Ashwagandha.Bufera is also known as Ashwagandha.
Ashwagandha es una planta.Ashwagandha is a plant.
La Ashwagandha es conocida también como ginseng indio.Ashwagandha is also known as Indian ginseng.
Ashwagandha es uno de los nombres que recibe el oroval.Ashwagandha is one of the names that oroval receives.
El orval se conoce como Ashwagandha.The orval is known as Ashwagandha.
La Ashwagandha o hierba mora mayor desprende un aroma particular.The Ashwagandha or greater blackberry herb gives off a particular aroma.
La traducción literal de Ashwagandha es “aroma de caballo”.The literal translation of Ashwagandha is “horse aroma”.
¿Se puede trepar esa Ashwagandha?Can you climb that Ashwagandha?
La Ashwagandha es un arbusto erecto.Ashwagandha is an erect bush.
El fruto de la Ashwagandha es una baya.The fruit of Ashwagandha is a berry.
La flor de Ashwagandha es verdosa.Ashwagandha flower is greenish.
¿De dónde es la Ashwagandha?Where is Ashwagandha from?
Creo que la Ashwagandha es originaria de Asia.I believe that Ashwagandha is native to Asia.
La raíz de Ashwagandha tiene propiedades sedantes.Ashwagandha root has sedative properties.
La Ashwagandha es un somnífero.Ashwagandha is a sleeping pill.
En la medicina tradicional china se usa la Ashwagandha.Ashwagandha is used in traditional Chinese medicine.
¿Tiene la Ashwagandha propiedades contra el Alzheimer?Does Ashwagandha have properties against Alzheimer’s?
Ashwagandha es un arbusto de hoja perenne.Ashwagandha is an evergreen shrub.
La Ashwagandha contiene sustancias químicas que pueden ayudar a calmar el cerebro.Ashwagandha contains chemicals that can help calm the brain.
Tengo irritado el estómago por consumir Ashwagandha.I have an upset stomach from consuming Ashwagandha.
No consumo Ashwagandha porque tengo una úlcera estomacal.I don’t take Ashwagandha because I have a stomach ulcer.
Debes consultar al médico antes de tomar Ashwagandha.You should consult the doctor before taking Ashwagandha.
La Ashwagandha podría alterar los niveles de hormona tiroidea.Ashwagandha might alter thyroid hormone levels.
La Ashwagandha se debe tomar dos veces al día.Ashwagandha should be taken twice a day.
En dos semanas podemos ver los beneficios del consumo de Ashwagandha.In two weeks we can see the benefits of consuming Ashwagandha.
Yo tomaba Ashwagandha para adelgazar.I used to take Ashwagandha to lose weight.
Mi ansiedad no se calma con Ashwagandha.My anxiety does not calm down with Ashwagandha.
¿Has consumido Ashwagandha?Have you consumed Ashwagandha?
No sé cómo preparar la Ashwagandha.I don’t know how to prepare Ashwagandha.
Podemos encontrar la Ashwagandha en polvo y en cápsula.We can find Ashwagandha in powder and capsule form.

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