Wela in Spanish

What does Wela mean?

How to say wela in Spanish? Wela is a word that describes the term hot, burned, heat or temperature. The word wela is also used figuratively as lust, passion, or sexual desire. Wela may also refer to the fiery heat of taboo, an epithet applied to Ka-lā-kaua. 

So, how do you say wela in Spanish? 

The Spanish word for wela is ‘Wela’. The word remains the same in both languages, but is pronounced differently.

Other cases:

1- In some countries, the tall girl or boy is called wela.

2- You maybe are trying to say güera, instill of wela. In this case, güera is translated as ‘white girl’ in English.

3- Or you are trying to say ‘huela’ in Spanish, and in this case, ‘huela’ comes from the verb ‘oler’, translated as: ‘to smell’

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