Owl in Spanish

How to translate owl in Spanish?

Let’s find out how to say owl in Spanish. Owl is an English word which means a nocturnal bird that have big, large eyes. This bird usually sleeps in the day and hunts and eat at night. Owl have very big eyes that glows in the dark, giving them a scary look. Their heads can rotate about 270 degrees which is a very huge figure as compared to other vertebrates. There are many different types of owls, ranging from small to huge in size.  owl –  búho, lechuza Examples: 


La lechuza es un animal nocturno A la lechuza le gusta dormir A una lechuza le gusta la oscuridad Las lechuzas tiene los ojos grandes La cabeza de la lechuza puede girar Las lechuzas son animales misteriosos


The owl is a nocturnal animal The owl likes to sleep An owl likes the dark Owls have big eyes The owl’s head can turn Owls are mysterious animals
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