Boss in Spanish

How to say boss in Spanish?

Boss in Spanish

How to translate boss in Spanish? (Jefe o Jefa). Boss is an English which means a person that have all the command and authority in a team of workers. The boss is a person who gives order and task to his teammates or individuals working under him and also is responsible to run a company or any business and is also entitled to profit or loss of the firm. 

Boss Meaning

A boss classification is someone who has authority or power over a group to direct its work or activities. The boss is a representative or leader of a group.

There are many synonyms for boss in Spanish; how can they be:
-leader – líder
-director – director
-manager – gerente
-leader – dirigente
-major – principal
-Pattern – patrón
-rector – rector
-mister – señor

Boss, sometimes, is a term used colloquially or symbolically to refer to a position within the organization. The chief executive, executive director, or CEO is in charge of an institution’s management and administrative direction. Synonyms are different terms that mean almost the same thing (for example, deputy boss is a synonym for the second boss)

There are six types of bosses according to their way of managing:

– Coercive style. A coercive boss is rigid and inflexible.
-Orientation style. This kind of boss focuses on creating a vision and explaining to the workers what lies behind it.
-Affiliation management style.
-Participatory style.
-Imitative style.
-Training style

What does boss mean?

The word boss translates as ‘patrona’ or ‘jefa’ for feminine and ‘patrón’ or ‘jefe’ for masculine version. 

Sentences with the word boss in Spanish

Yo no tengo jefe.I don’t have a boss.
Mi jefa es muy amable.My boss is very kind.
Buenos días patrón.Good morning boss.
La patrona está enojada.The boss is angry.
El jefe se llama Lázaro.The boss is called Lázaro.
La jefa se fue sin dar instrucciones.The boss left without giving instructions.
El patrón está de malas.The boss is in bad shape.
La hija de la patrona no está aquí.The landlady’s daughter is not here.
Me enamoré del jefe sin darme cuenta.I fell in love with the boss without realizing it.
Mi jefa tiene mi misma edad.My boss is the same age as me.
El patrón es un viejito súper amable.The boss is a super nice old man.
La patrona aquí soy yo.The boss here is me.
¿Quién es el jefe de compras?Who is the purchasing manager?
No he conocido a mi jefa.I haven’t met my boss.
¿Te dijo algo el patrón?Did the boss say something to you?
La patrona viene tarde hoy.The landlady is late today.
Mi jefe es un depravado.My boss is a pervert.
Aún la jefa del salón no está aquí.The head of the salon is not here yet.
El patrón golpeó a Mateo.The boss hit Mateo.
Siempre debes obedecer a la patrona.You must always obey the patron saint.
¿Conoces al jefe del hotel?Do you know the boss of the hotel?
La jefa cree que puede meterse en mi vida.The boss thinks she can get into my life.
No patrón, usted no ordenó nada.No boss, you didn’t order anything.
La patrona dió una contraorden.The boss gave a counterorder.
Es hora de la reunión con el jefe.It’s time for the meeting with the boss.
La jefa me citó en su oficina.The boss summoned me to her office.
No me interesa la vida del patrón.I’m not interested in the boss’s life.
No te metas en la recámara de la patrona.Don’t get into the boss’s bedroom.
Por ahí viene el jefe.Here comes the boss.
El vestido de la jefa está muy elegante.The boss’s dress is very elegant.

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