We in Spanish

How do you say ‘we in Spanish’?. We is the personal pronoun of the first person plural. It means that you are talking about yourself and at least one other person.

We in Spanish

How to translate we in Spanish?

we (masc.) – nosotros

we (fem.) – nosotras


Luisa: Marcos nosotros somos una familia | Marcos we are a family
Marcos: Sí, yo estoy muy feliz de tenerlos a ustedes | Yes, I am very happy to have you


Nosotros tenemos hambre
Todos nosotros tenemos que participar
Pero, nosotras queremos ir contigo
Nosotras somos muy buenas amigas
Nosotros vamos con ustedes
Quizás nosotras también seamos ganadoras
Todas nosotras somos familia
Nosotros cantaríamos juntos
Sí, nosotras también compraremos


We are hungry
We all have to participate
But we want to go with you
We are very good friends
We go with you
Maybe we too will be winners
We are all family
We would sing together
Yes, we will also buy

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