Strep Throat in Spanish

Strep Throat in Spanish

How to say strep throat in Spanish?

¿Cómo se dice strep throat en español? Strep throat in Spanish translation: faringitis estreptocócica.

The term strep throat refers to an infectious disease caused by a bacteria called group A Streptococcus, which is very common among children and adolescents. The most common symptoms of this disease are fever, abdominal pain, and redness and swelling of the tonsils. Strep throat can be treated with a supply of antibiotics.


Luisa: Creo que tengo faringitis estreptocócica | I think I have strep throat
Marcos: Si es así, debes de ir al médico | If so, you should go to the doctor

Common symptoms of strep throat in Spanish and English:

Placas rojas y blancas en la garganta.Red and white plaques on the throat.
Dificultad para tragar.Difficulty to swallow.
Amígdalas rojas e hinchadas.Red and swollen tonsils.
Dolores de cabezaHeadaches
Dolor lumbarLumbar pain
Pérdida de apetito y náuseas.Loss of appetite and nausea.
Ganglios linfáticos inflamados, sensibles o dolorosos en el cuello.Swollen, tender, or painful lymph nodes in the neck.

Sentences that use the term strep throat in Spanish:

La faringitis estreptocócica causa mucho malestar en la garganta.Strep throat causes a lot of discomfort in the throat.
En estos tiempos de calor, debemos cuidarnos de la faringitis estreptocócica.In these hot times, we must take care of strep throat.
Hay que tomar antibióticos para combatir la faringitis estreptocócica.You have to take antibiotics to fight strep throat.
Indudablemente es faringitis estreptocócica.It’s definitely strep throat.
Mi tío murió a causa de la faringitis estreptocócica.My uncle died from strep throat.
La faringitis estreptocócica provoca picazón y ardor en la garganta.Strep throat causes itching and burning in the throat.
¿Quién ha padecido alguna vez de faringitis estreptocócica?Who has ever had strep throat?
Necesito algún té de hierbas para aliviar los dolores causados por la faringitis estreptocócica.I need some herbal tea to ease the pain caused by strep throat.
Ella padece de faringitis estreptocócica desde que nació.She has had strep throat since she was born.
Tomar helado aplaca los efectos malignos de la faringitis estreptocócica.Eating ice cream quells the malignant effects of strep throat.
Necesito ir al hospital porque creo que tengo faringitis estreptocócica.I need to go to the hospital because I think I have strep throat.
Esta faringitis estreptocócica me está matando lentamente.This strep throat is slowly killing me.
Hay muchos enfermos por la faringitis estreptocócica en todo el mundo.There are many patients with strep throat throughout the world.
Me aislaron por tener faringitis estreptocócica.I was isolated for having strep throat.
Toser mucho es uno de los síntomas de la faringitis estreptocócica.Coughing a lot is one of the symptoms of strep throat.
En mi laboratorio se hacen vacunas para la faringitis estreptocócica.Vaccines for strep throat are made in my lab.
Este local está infectado de faringitis estreptocócica.This place is infected with strep throat.
¡Qué alguien me ayude, por favor, que padezco de faringitis estreptocócica!Someone please help me, I have strep throat!
¿Tendrás una pastilla que me des pues me diagnosticaron faringitis estreptocócica?Do you have a pill to give me since I was diagnosed with strep throat?
Lleva impregnado en un pañuelo la faringitis estreptocócica.He has strep throat on a handkerchief.
Sigo sin entender cómo te contagiaste con la faringitis estreptocócica.I still don’t understand how you got strep throat.
Ese médico es especialista en faringitis estreptocócica.That doctor is a specialist in strep throat.
En este hospital, la faringitis estreptocócica no se atiende.In this hospital, strep throat is not treated.
Llevo dos meses con faringitis estreptocócica y no encuentran la cura.I’ve had strep throat for two months and they can’t find a cure.
Ahí va un autobus con enfermos de la faringitis estreptocócica.There goes a bus with strep throat patients.
Me queda poco para morir de faringitis estreptocócica.I’m close to dying of strep throat.
Tengo un certificado médico por faringitis estreptocócica y no podré trabajar.I have a medical certificate for strep throat and will not be able to work.
Cuando tienes la faringitis estreptocócica, la sangre se te pone azuly te vuelves alcohólico.When you have strep throat, your blood turns blue and you become an alcoholic.
El mundo sucumbe ante los azotes de la faringitis estreptocócica.The world succumbs to the scourge of strep throat.
Cuando la faringitis estreptocócica se esparce por todo el cuerpo, sus efectos son letales.When strep throat spreads throughout the body, its effects are deadly.
La faringitis estreptocócica es tratable.Strep throat is treatable.
Creo que tienes faringitis estreptocócica.I think you have strep throat.
Puede tener faringitis estreptocócica.You may have strep throat.
La faringitis estreptocócica da fiebre.Strep throat causes a fever.
Mi hijo tiene faringitis estreptocócica.My son has strep throat.
Tienes la garganta roja. ¿Será faringitis estreptocócica?You have a red throat. Is it strep throat?

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