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The Difference between Pez vs Pescado

Pez and Pescado =  Fish

Let’s find out when to use pez vs pescado in Spanish.

Pez in Spanish: Simple circulation aquatic vertebrate animal, provided with fins, with the body generally covered with scales, small laminae that protect it and help maintain its body temperature, which breathes through gills and reproduces through eggs. They breathe through a pair of gills that are found on their sides, through which they filter the air that is dissolved in the water. Some live in freshwater, others in saltwater, and others, such as silverside, mullet, salmon among others, can live in both areas, even the bull shark.

What is the difference between Pez and pescado

Pescado in Spanish: A pescado is neither more nor less than a dead fish used for consumption, having been caught by any fishing gear. Many confuse and name pescado that comes out of the water, but it is not like that: once it is returned alive to its environment, it is still a pez; from being used for consumption, as it was clarified before, it happens to be named pescado. The term pescado refers almost exclusively to those fish that are used in the food industry for human consumption.

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