Te Amo vs Quiero

Te Amo Vs Quiero | What is the difference between Te Amo and Te Quiero?

Let’s find out how and when to use  te amo vs te quiero.

Amar verb : to love.

Querer: verb:  to want, to love, to wish.

When to use “te quiero” 

The difference is very simple, although for many of us it is difficult to decipher it. You can say “te quiero” to everyone (mother, brothers, family, friends, girlfriend, pet), you can say “te quiero” to those for whom you feel affection.


 “Te quiero” you can use to express affection, appreciation. But it also implies having certain proximity to the person. You also have an option to express affection with more distance and respect: “Te aprecio” 

When to use “te amo”

Is Te Amo serious?

“Te amo” is used only with your partner (when you are very much in love), with your parents, or with your children. Let’s say it is unconditional love. You use “te amo” when you are in love with that person or when your love for them is too deep. You can tell a relative “te amo”, for example, but if you tell a friend it will be somewhat confusing because they might think that you are in love, unless you are truly in love with that person. 


What is the difference between Te Amo and Te Quiero

You can say Te Amo or Te Quiero to family

That is why saying “te amo” is much more delicate and profound. You can say “te amo” to your partner (boyfriend/girlfriend, husband, wife, etc) or to family members for whom you feel great affection (mother, father, etc.), where your love is totally sincere, giant, unconditional. 



 The important thing is that you know that “te amo” has a more intimate and stronger meaning than “te quiero” … You don’t say “te amo” to just anyone.

“Te quiero” is usually said when you meet someone you like, but “te amo” is a strong feeling that is often said, for example, to someone who has spent a lot of time with their boyfriend or girlfriend and feels a lot of love for that person, as well than to the closest children and relatives. 


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