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The difference between Señorita vs Señora

Let’s talk about when to use señorita vs señora in Spanish. It is time to distinguish when we use – señora – and when we should use – señorita in Spanish.

Señora – Sra (Ms, Madam, Mrs) is used only for married women. The word Señorita (Miss) is traditionally used for a single woman. The terms madam and miss are all used as honorary titles for women. 

the term señora can also be used as part of her and her husband’s name, for example, Señor. and Señora. Johnson (Mr. and Mrs. Johnson) reflects respect and the meaning of union, marriage.

The same happens when we speak of the profession, in this case, we use for example la doctora (the doctor) (Dra) or el doctor (the doctor) (Dr) for males. In this case, we must renounce the title of Mrs, Ms, Madam, Miss.


Here is the difference

A  señora is a term of courtesy that applies to a woman, just as señor is a term of courtesy that is applied to a man. Señorita, on the other hand, is a polite term applied to single women. There is no symmetrical masculine meaning “señorito” since this term has other meanings, but not that of a single man. Therefore, asking a woman if she is a señora or a señorita is an archaic, sexist, and discriminatory way of obtaining information about the sexual availability of women and others.

señora in spanish, señorita in Spanish

Let’s analyze in a little more depth: a single señora is a señorita. In other words, a woman who remains independent, because she has not committed herself to a marital relationship, does not become a señora. She is something less than a little señora, is a señorita. 

 What does señora mean?

The word señorita is diminutive of lady, as a perrito (puppy) , it is diminutive of perro (dog). And a diminutive is something “that has the quality of diminishing or reducing to less something.” So what is implicit is that a señorita is a diminished or reduced woman, who does not reach the status of a señora because she maintains her individuality not linked to a man through a marriage contract.When you are someone’s “wife,” you are a señora; if you are “nobody’s wife”, you are a señorita.

If you still doubt these arguments, ask yourself why a woman would never ask you if you are a señora or a señorita, and ask yourself why maybe she hasn’t answered you. The equality that we want is based on respect for dignity, individuality, privacy, freedom of choice, of women and men. This equality is not expressed in a linguistic formula that exposes women to reveal their marital, sexual and emotional status and, therefore, their availability or not in the relationship market.

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