Mamaguevo in Spanish

What is mamaguevo in Spanish?

mamaguevo in Spanish
How to say mamaguevo in Spanish?. Mamaguevo meaning in English is “cocksucker”, and yes, this is a very vulgar phrase.
The phrase “mamagüevo” or “mamahuevo” comes from the Latin mamate a guevo, that’s once they placed the guevo of their mouths and droole, suck it and lick it, it’s extra even swallow it.Although additionally it is a “vulgar” and “offensive” period of your time , at the “In countries like Colombia this word is used to designate a completely submissive, meek or docile individual. It’s synonymous with dummy.


Mamaguevo is an insult, this is often utilized in Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Venezuela.
dummy (an insult) = mamaguevo, mamahuevo (vulgar phrase)


Carlos is a dummy – Carlos es un mamaguevo
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