Cute in Spanish

Cute in Spanish

How to say cute in Spanish?

¿Cómo se dice cute en español? Cute in Spanish translation: lindo (masc.), linda (fem.). ‘Cute’ is a word used to describe someone or something that is beautiful, perfect, with a lot of beauty and pleasing to the eye.

cute (fem.)(singular): linda

cute (masc.)(singular): lindo

cute (fem.)(plural): lindas

cute (masc.)(plural): lindos


Lily: Nuestra hija es muy linda | Our daughter is very cute

Carlos: Sí, ella es mi princesa pequeña | Yes, she’s my little princess

El bebé es muy lindoThe baby is very cute
Tu hija es muy lindaYour daughter is very pretty
Ellos son lindosThey are cute
Ellas son lindasThey are cute
Tu mamá es muy linda e inteligenteYour mom is very cute and smart
Yo no soy lindaI’m not cute
Mi prima es lindaMy cousin is cute
Lucía también es lindaLucia is also cute

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