Hotel in Spanish

hotel in Spanish

How to say hotel in Spanish?

¿Cómo se dice en hotel español? The word hotel translates the same in both languages. A hotel is a building that has been prepared and equipped to accommodate people temporarily. Some of the basic services of a hotel are: a bed, a closet and a bathroom, some furniture for the room, a television and a refrigerator. The hotels are intended for leisure, rest, and physical activities such as: swimming pools, recreation rooms, sports fields, gyms, and others.

The word: hotel remains the same in both languages.


Lily: Carlos, vamos en estas vacaciones para un hotel | Carlos, we are going on this vacation to a hotel

Carlos: Está bien | OK

Me gusta mucho ese hotelI really like that hotel
Ese hotel es cinco estrellasThat hotel is five stars
El hotel de la esquina tiene buen servicioThe hotel on the corner has good service
El hotel ofrecía desayuno gratisThe hotel offered free breakfast
Tiene tres restaurantes ese hotelThat hotel has three restaurants
Marcus trabaja en un hotelMarcus works in a hotel
Vamos para el hotelLet’s go to the hotel
Duermo en un hotelI sleep in a hotel
Busco un hotelI’m looking for a hotel

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