Anxiety in Spanish

How to say anxiety in Spanish?

¿Cómo se dice anxiety en español? Anxiety in Spanish translation: ansiedad. Anxiety is a state of mind characterized by great worry and feelings of fear, terror or restlessness, intense excitement, and extreme insecurity.

One of the accompanying symptoms of this disease is sweating, irritability, fatigue, poor concentration, trouble sleeping, shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, and dizziness.

Anxiety in Spanish

anxiety – ansiedad


ataque de ansiedad – anxiety attack

trastorno de ansiedad – anxiety disorder

desórdenes de ansiedad – anxiety disorders


Lily: Carlos, tengo mucha ansiedad | Carlos, I have a lot of anxiety

Carlos: Tienes que ver eso con el doctor | You have to see that with the doctor


Carla tiene ansiedad
La ansiedad me hace sudar
La ansiedad te pone inquieto
El chico tiene ansiedad porque está inquieto
No puedo dormir, tengo ansiedad
Estás mareado, tienes ansiedad
No te concentras bien, quizás tengas ansiedad


Carla has anxiety
Anxiety makes me sweat
Anxiety makes you restless
The boy has anxiety because he is restless
I can’t sleep, I have anxiety
You are dizzy, you have anxiety
You are not concentrating well, you may have anxiety

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