What does de mean in Spanish

This article will show you what does de mean in Spanish. De is a preposition from the Spanish
language. It means ‘from’ in the English language. ‘From’ is a word which means to indicate to a
particular point. It indicates a point in time or amount for easy understanding. The opposite
word of ‘from’ is ‘to’ which is written as ‘para’ in Spanish. ‘Para’ also means ‘for’.

What does de mean in Spanish

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How to translate ‘de’ in Spanish?

de – from

desde – from

a partir de – from

de parte de – from


‘He was calling his wife from the job’, is translated as: ‘Estaba llamando a su esposa desde el trabajo’.

‘She travelled very far from her home’, is translated as: ‘Ella viajó muy lejos de su casa’.

‘This gift is from your father’, is translated as: ‘ Este regalo es de parte de tu padre’.

‘You will leave tomorrow from here’, is translated as: ‘Saldrás mañana desde aquí’.

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