the prepositions  in Spanish

Prepositional Phrases in Spanish

Prepositions in spanish

What are the 13 prepositional phrases?

Study the prepositional phrases in Spanish. Learn to apply Spanish grammar rules with online lessons. Learn more about helpful tips on how to improve your language.

prepositional phrases


Sobre de/Abajo de(Above/Under)


prepositional words in spanish


Lejos de(Far from)




prepositions phrases in spanish


Fuera de (Outside)


between prepositions in spanish


Entre (Between)



on top of prepositions in spanish


Encima de(On top of)


in front of prepositions in spanish


Enfrente de(In front of)




in prepositions in spanish


En (in)


behind prepositions in spanish


Detrás de (Behind)



inside prepositions in spanish


Dentro de(Inside)


prepositional in spanish


Debajo de(Below)




phrases in spanish


Cerca de (Close to)

prepositions in spanish

Al lado de (Beside)

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