Traffic Signs in Spanish

traffic signs in spanish

Traffic Signs in Spanish

It’s time to learn how to pronounce the traffic signs in Spanish translation. Have you ever seen traffic signs in other language? Have you ever wondered what this language has to say about streets, directions, and road signs in general?.

It is essential to know the traffic signs in Spanish, so that coexistence on public roads is optimal. If everyone knew them well, several road accidents could be avoided. Above all, understand the importance of respecting traffic signs and speed levels.

Common Road Signs:

no passing zone Traffic Signs in Spanish

Zona para no pasar(No passing zone)

school zone in spanish

Zona de escuela(School zone)

yield ahead in spanish

Ceda el paso adelante (Yield ahead)

winding road in spanish

Sinuoso camino por
(Winding road)

advisory speed in spanish

Velocidad recomendada(Advisory speed)

twe way street in spanish

Dos sentidos de
(Two way street)

bicycle traffic warning in spanish

Tráfico de bicicletas (Bicycle traffic warning)

stop para in spanish

Alto, pare (Stop)

stop ahead in spanish

Pare a continuación(Stop ahead)

slippery when wet in spanish

Resbaladizo cuando
está mojado
(Slippery when wet)

signal ahead in spanish

Señal adelante (Signal ahead)

sharp curve to right in spanish

Aguda curva hacia la
(Sharp curve to right)

right turn ahead in spanish

Giro a la derecha(Right turn ahead)

left turn ahead in spanish

Giro a la izquierda(Left turn ahead)

right lane ends Traffic Signs in Spanish

Camino derecho termina (Right lane ends)

left lane ends Traffic Signs in Spanish

Camino izquierdo
(Left lane ends)

right curve ahead Traffic Signs in Spanish

Curva a la derecha(Right curve ahead)

left curve ahead Traffic Signs in Spanish

Curva a la izquierda(Left curve ahead)

advisory turn speed Traffic Signs in Spanish

Returno de
(Advisory turn speed)

no parking in spanish

Prohibido estacionarse (No parking)

no truck in spanish

Prohibido el paso de
vehículos pesados

no right turn Traffic Signs in Spanish

Prohibida la vuelta a
la derecha
(No right turn)

no left turn Traffic Signs in Spanish

Prohibida la vuelta a
la izquierda
(No left turn)

pedestrian crossing in spanish

Cruce de peatones (Pedestrian crossing)

deer crossing Traffic Signs in Spanish

Cruce de ciervos(Deer crossing)

no u turn

Prohibido dar la
(No U turn)

advisory speed on

Millas por hora (Advisory speed on)

merging traffic

Fusión de tráfico (Merging traffic)

circular intersection

Intersección circular(Circular Intersection)



crossroads ahead

Cruce de caminos (Crossroads ahead)

men at work

Hombres trabajando(Men at work)

Now that you know how to tell the different signs in Spanish words and how to translate them for your use, you can start using the information you’ve just learned. If you drive through a city with a well-developed traffic system, you’ll often see the signs directing you to the right way down the street. These are the routes designated for public transportation.

There are plenty of reasons why having traffic signs in Spanish is beneficial. It’s good to be able to know how to say signs in Spanish, especially when driving in a foreign country. It’s always helpful to have some way to communicate and ask questions if you get stuck.

If you’re going to spend a vacation somewhere that speaks Spanish, it’s helpful to be able to read what’s going on. If you’re visiting friends or taking a road trip, you might want to make sure that you get directions. You might also need directions to the nearest restaurant or gas station. Most modern cities have good road signs for at least their main roadways, so if you’re planning on driving a long distance, knowing how to read signs can be quite important.
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