Top 10 Foreign Languages to Learn

What are the most important foreign languages to learn?


If you want to start learning a foreign language but are unsure which one to learn, this list can help. These are the top ten most commonly spoken languages globally, which makes them the most popular to learn. A foreign language school is a great way to begin on the path to learning a foreign language. It would be even better to spend some time in the native country where the language originated.



Here are the Top 10 foreign languages to learn:


  1. French – Often considered the most romantic foreign language globally, French has approximately 277 million speakers worldwide.
  2. Malay Indonesian: Primarily spoken in Malaysia and Indonesia has about 199 million speakers worldwide.
  3. Portuguese – Known as “the little language that could” because of its mass expansion in the 12th century following Portugal gaining independence from Spain. This foreign language has 252 million speakers worldwide.
  4. Bengali: With this one, we break into 265 million speakers worldwide.
  5. Arabic – One of the oldest languages in the world, and has approximately 313 million speakers worldwide.
  6. Russian – for such a large country, this one is only halfway through the list at 258 million speakers worldwide.
  7. Spanish – spoken in almost every county in South and Central America, is spoken by 538 million people worldwide.
  8. Hindustani – this is one of the primary languages of crowded India and has 325 million speakers worldwide.
  9. English: Although this seldom crosses peoples’ minds when thinking of a foreign language, English has 1.268 billion speakers worldwide and is the official language of more countries than any other language.
  10. Mandarin: Not surprisingly, the most widely spoken language comes from the most highly populated country, China. There are 1.120 billion speakers worldwide.

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