How to teach yourself a foreign language

How do you teach yourself a foreign languages?

Going to language school is not the only way to learn a foreign language. If you are committed and good at keeping a schedule, you can learn quite a bit on your own. Achieving fluency requires time and immersion, but getting to a point where you can converse socially is something you can do independently. You need to have the time and the appropriate materials.


One of the first things you’ll need to get is an audio language course. This will help with your memorization techniques and pronunciation. If you use this correctly, it can serve you better than language courses. Next, you’ll want to get a basic grammar guide and a dictionary. These will help you with the mechanics of the foreign language you are seeking to learn. If you want to get a good comprehension of grammar and speech, get some dual language books. These will provide motivation and interest in the language as you seek to read a story in a language utterly foreign to your own.

Teach Yourself a Foreign Language

Once you have acquired all the right tools, you are ready to dive into learning your foreign language of choice. Start by listening to the first audio lesson in conjunction with reading the introductory grammar guide. You should be able to finish the grammar guide and a series of lessons within a matter of weeks. Once you have completed the first one, you will probably prepare enough to start one of the dual language books. You don’t need to rush your progress with the language books, just read and reread until you understand enough to move on. Your goal is to speak and learn a foreign language, and doing it on your means that there isn’t any pressure from a class.


It is essential to be consistent with the whole process. Learning a foreign language takes time and dedication. You will get out what you put in, so if you are serious about learning a new language, then be sure to study at least a little bit every day. If you keep this up, you will notice a lot of progress in a matter of months and when that happens, it is time to find a conversation partner and maybe even transition to books entirely and only in the foreign language.

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