Tener Que VS Hay Que in Spanish

Let’s find out what is the difference between tener que vs hay que in Spanish. Study basic grammar rules with online lessons. Read about how and when to use some important words and phrases.
Tener Que VS Hay Que in Spanish

What is the difference between tener que and hay que in Spanish?

Tener que Vs Hay que:

Note: Tener que + infinitive is one way to express obligation or necessity. This expression can be translated as “someone has to do something.”


Tengo que ayudar a mis padres – I have to help my parents.
Tienes que leer un poco más  – You have to read a little more
Tenemos que ir al hospital – We have to go to the hospital


Hay que 
+ infinitive is used to express the idea of one must do something” or, “it is necessary to do something.” It is a more general expression and since there is no subject, the verb form “hay” is always used.


Hay que ver quien es – You have to see who is
Hay que
salir temprano – You have to leave early

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