Stock Market in Spanish

How do you say ‘stock market in Spanish’?. The stock market is the site that connects applicants and providers of capital, that is, companies and administrations that seek financing, on the one hand, there are savers such as individuals who want to invest their money in search of profitability. These transactions between participants are carried out by authorized intermediaries on a stock exchange, which can be physical or virtual, managed by an authorized entity and supervised by a regulatory entity.

Stock Market in Spanish

How to translate stock market in Spanish?

stock market – bolsa de valores, mercado de valores


Luisa: Me gustaría saber un poco más sobre la bolsa de valores | I would like to know a little more about the stock market
Marcos: Perfecto, te voy a explicar mejor como funciona | Perfect, I’ll explain better how it works


El mercado de valores es muy interesante
Quiero participar en el mercado de valores
Me gustaría invertir en la bolsa de valores
Carlos compró acciones en la bolsa de valores
Voy a vender mis acciones en la bolsa valores


The stock market is very interesting
I want to participate in the stock market
I would like to invest in the stock market
Carlos bought shares on the stock market
I’m going to sell my shares on the stock market

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