Wife in Spanish

wife in Spanish

How to say wife in Spanish?

¿Cómo se dice wife en español? Wife in Spanish translation: esposa. Wife is a word that comes from the Latin sponsus. The word wife is a noun used to define any woman who is married to her husband.

wife – esposa

wives – esposas

husband – esposo, marido

husbands – esposos, maridos

But be careful, the word ‘esposa’ in Spanish is also a conjugation that comes from the verb ‘esposar’ which is the action of holding the wrists of a person and handcuffing them with handcuffs, these are usually used by the police to arrest the suspect of something that happened.

handcuff – esposar

handcuffed – esposado(a)

handcuff (noun) – esposa


Luisa: ¿Cuánto tiempo llevas con tu esposa? | How long have you been with your wife?
Marcos: Mi esposa y yo llevamos quince años juntos | My wife and I have been together for fifteen years

Sentences with the word wife in Spanish

Te quiero hacer mi esposa y vivir juntos por siempre.I want to make you my wife and live together forever.
No me queda más remedio que soportar a mi esposa.I have no choice but to put up with my wife.
¿Por qué diablos maltrataste a mi esposa?Why the hell did you mistreat my wife?
Mi esposa es una mujer dedicada y amorosa.My wife is a dedicated and loving woman.
Tengo una amante y una esposa en mi lista.I have a mistress and a wife on my list.
Mi esposa trabaja en la enfermería.My wife works in the infirmary.
Puedo ver a mi esposa desde esta montaña.I can see my wife from this mountain.
Hoy no he visto a mi esposa.I haven’t seen my wife today.
Mi esposa está comiendo frente al televisor.My wife is eating in front of the TV.
Tiene las manos finas mi esposa.She has fine hands my wife.
Llevo junto a mi esposa diez años de casados.I have been married to my wife for ten years.
¡Qué manera de comer pan mi esposa!What a way to eat bread my wife!
Los que conocíamos a mi esposa la adorábamos mucho.Those of us who knew my wife adored her very much.
Siempre le seré fiel a mi esposa.I will always be faithful to my wife.
Mi esposa se baña a veces.My wife takes a bath sometimes.
Quiero regalarle una flor a mi esposa para su cumpleaños.I want to give my wife a flower for her birthday.
¡Daría lo que fuese por tener a mi esposa de nuevo conmigo!I would give anything to have my wife back with me!
¿Quieres ser mi esposa?Do you want to be my wife?
Mi esposa y yo caminamos casi siempre por la `playa.My wife and I almost always walk along the beach.
¡Qué sabroso cocina mi esposa!How tasty my wife cooks!
Mi esposa siempre está mirando por la ventana.My wife is always looking out the window.
Tener una esposa quisquillosa no es nada agradable.Having a fussy wife is not a pleasant thing.
Quien busca el pan es mi esposa querida.The one looking for the bread is my dear wife.
Somos una pareja perfecta gracias a mi esposa.We are a perfect couple thanks to my wife.
¡Sin ti no sería nadie esposa mía!Without you, no one would be my wife!
Tiene como mascota un burro mi esposa.My wife has a donkey as a pet.
Cada cosa que toca mi esposa se convierte en salchicha.Anything my wife touches turns into a sausage.
¿Tienes alguna esposa que me prestes?Do you have a wife to lend me?
El gorrión se posó en el hombro de mi esposa.The sparrow perched on my wife’s shoulder.
Le pedí prestado a mi esposa diez pesos.I borrowed ten pesos from my wife.
Mi esposa y yo somos felices.My wife and I are happy.
Tu esposa es muy inteligente.Your wife is very smart.
Mi esposa es hermosa.My wife is beautiful.
La esposa de Edison es ingeniera.Edison’s wife is an engineer.
Su esposa se llama María y habla Español.His wife’s name is María and she speaks Spanish.
Sus esposas son gemelas.His wives are twins.

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