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What is the national food of Spain?

National Food of Spanish Speaking Countries

The miraculous cuisine and taste of dishes Spanish speaking countries are now becoming the preferred part of every visitor. The extraordinary style and techniques of the chefs satisfy every universal palate level.

In this article, we are going to mention the most iconic national dishes of Spanish speaking countries.

Cuba – Ropa Vieja:

cuba ropa vieja

It is the most popular dish in Cuba. The shredded beef served on tortillas or over rice with sour cream, cheese, and fresh cilantro. It makes ropa vieja incredibly delicious.


Colombia – Bandeja Paisa:

colombia bandeja paisa

The “paisa platter” includes a diversity of stuff like crispy, fatty pork belly with a traditional Columbian condiment, saucy red beans, beef, chorizo, cheesy arepas, plantains, and fried eggs.


Argentina – Asados:

argentina asados

The Asado is a world-famous meat cuisine. All you have to do is take meat, cut the meat, merely rub it against the salt and place it onto the burning coals.


Bolivia – Salteñas:

bolivia salteñas

They are very juicy. It includes a  variety of ingredients: chicken, shredded beef, ground beef, and more. The Salteñas made up of rice accompanied by meat and plentiful potatoes around.


Chile – Specialties:

chile specialties

It is a national dish of Chile, has a combination of seafood, meat, and vegetables. It is Placedunderneath the ground with the covered bottom with stones, giving it great bonfire, until it is prepared.


Spain – Paella:

 spains paella

Paella is considered the most popular dish for Spain. It can be prepared with simple techniques along with rice, tomatoes, onions, snails, and a few beans for a particular flavor.


Costa Rica – Gallo Pinto:

 costa rica gallo pinto

 It is a traditional dish in South America. It is also called “spotted rooster”. It has a combination of black beans and white rice, sometimes with red beans.


Dominican Republic – Sancocho:

Dominican Republic - Sancocho

It is served as a national dish for the Dominican Republic, typically made up of meat stew/soup.  It also includes the pork sausage with chops, chicken, and beef.


El Salvador – Pupusa:

El Salvador - Pupusa

A thick cooked cake, made up of cornmeal or rice flour. They can be considered as maize flour pancakes charged with a variety of ingredients.


Guatemala – Chiles Rellenos:

Guatemala - Chiles Rellenos








Guatemalan Chiles Rellenos, also known as stuffed peppers, are one of the favorite foods for natives. The cuisine is prepared with sweet peppers, a mixture of beef, veggies, and trickled tomato sauce.

Ecuador – Bolon De Verde:

Ecuador - Bolon De Verde

It is a meal typically served as breakfast. It carries fried eggs, tomato salad, and pepper salsa with the addition of cheese.


Mexico – Mole Sauce:

Mexico - Mole Sauce

It is a traditional marinade and sauce, earlier added in Mexican cuisines. It consists of chilies, sour tomatoes, spices, and nuts, and then roasted into a paste.

It should be noted that this beautiful country is also famous for its tacos


Equatorial Guinea – Succotash:

Equatorial Guinea - Succotash

It is a mixture of lima beans and veggies with butter and fresh herbs. The particular cuisine can be made without meat, and you can insert fragment bacon for added flavor.

Venezuela – Pabellon:

 Venezuela - Pabellon

It is said to be a local version of the rice and beans, obtain though out the Caribbean.  Shredded beef and stewed black beans with a plate of rice. Other famous dishes in Venezuela is the Venezuelan arepas.


Honduras – Specialty:

Honduras - Specialty

The carneada is considered one of Hondura’s national foods, also known as Plato típico. Grilled meat, stewed beans, chismol, and rice, are the essential ingredients for the dish.


Uruguay – Chivito:

Uruguay - Chivito

A thin slice of tender prepared beef with mozzarella, tomatoes, mayonnaise, olives with fried eggs, treated as a refined sandwich in a bun.


Peru – Ceviche:

Peru - Ceviche

Ceviche is a widely eaten dish in all of Peru. It is prepared with fresh fish, limes, onions, and spicy peppers.


Panama – Sancocho:

Panama - Sancocho

Panamian version of sancocho consists of chicken, potatoes, plantains and corn supremely served in the Panamanian region.


Nicaragua -Gallo Pinto:

Nicaragua -Gallo Pinto

It is a staple of the Costa Rican and Nicaraguan diet. Rice, beans, cilantro, peppers, and spices combine to make a Gallo pinto dish.


Paraguay – Sopa Paraguaya:

Paraguay - Sopa Paraguaya

It is a traditional soup for Paraguay peoples. The spongy cake contains high proteins and calories. It is a traditional cornbread cheesy recipe.

Everybody loves food, especially when served with such delight. Whenever you plan to visit any Spanish speaking country, try their tasty cuisines. Buen Apetito.


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