Top 5 Best Ways to Learn Spanish

How can I learn Spanish by myself?

best way to learn spanish
Learning a different language is a big desire for all of us. And usually, that desirable language is Spanish because of the beauty of the Spanish speaking countries and their romantic language.
But you are confused because you don’t know if the learning process will be easy, how also you don’t know where to start.
The Spanish language is much more natural than you are thinking. And to make it more comfortable, here we are with five best ways to learn Spanish. 

Five Best Ways to Learn Spanish:

   1.   Study Spanish using Images
The first and foremost way is to be acquainted with some common Spanish words we use in our daily life, and most natural way to do it is by pictures.
Researchers say our visual senses are much more potent in grasping new things. And if you want to learn Spanish quickly, then search for fun images on Pinterest or a Spanish picture dictionary. Thousands of pictures are there, which will make it easier for your learning.
2.   Listen to Spanish Podcasts/Audio
Podcasts are becoming much more popular nowadays, and it’s a great source of entertainment. If learning new things are your cup of tea, then you should start by listening to podcasts.
The podcasts or audio lessons will also help you if you are a busy person and don’t have time to read because you can work or be doing things while listening to your preferable podcast.
3.   Watch Spanish Videos/TV
Spanish shows or movies are the best options to learn Spanish 2X faster. As we discussed, learning through visual and auditory senses are much more powerful. But if we combine these two senses, definitely will improve your learning.
If you are a movie lover, start watching Spanish movies.
Further, if you are acquainted with Spanish alphabets, then you can enable subtitles for better grasping.
4.   Exchange Language with Native Speakers
After learning through pictures, podcasts, and TV shows, now with the vocabularies, style, and pronunciation, you can begin practising. Because without practice, you’ll never learn to speak correctly.
The best way to practice Spanish is through language exchange with native speakers. If you are living in a Spanish speaking country,  great for you, but if not, then you should start language exchange using the internet.
5.   Reading Books.
Another way of Spanish learning is reading books. Some people find reading annoying, but if you want to strengthen your writing skills or vocabulary or grammar, you must start reading.
Use a Spanish dictionary, and refer when it’s hard for you to understand a word. 
These are some excellent ways of learning Spanish from scratch. You must have heard of a quote written by Peggy Noonan:

“Part of courage is simple consistency.”

That means it doesn’t make sense if you effort for a few days and then return to your comfort zone. Thus, be consistent, and you will learn Spanish like magic.
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