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A second language could improve your social life as well as your career.


One can comfortably learn Spanish at home, in the office, or anywhere they want with the language learning site as a second language. To know the Spanish language as fast as possible, you need to practice every day. It helps if you find ways to make the learning fun.

Most of us can remember being at school, at the point where you finally get to choose which subjects you want to keep studying and which ones you give up. At my school, I know they always told us we should be selecting languages because we’d find it easier to get jobs that way, but hardly anyone listened. Instead, we opted for the more fun subjects, music and art and drama, or whatever involved the least actual work. The future seemed so distant; it hardly seemed to matter at all.


For sure I’m not alone when I say I regret that now – I don’t mean having fun at school, but not keeping up with language courses when I had the chance. Because the truth is that yes, a second language could help you get a better job, depending on what sort of work you are looking for, but the benefits don’t stop there. Being able to speak and understand a second language could be useful for other areas of life too.


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If you want to travel then speaking a second language is possibly the most valuable thing. Being an English speaker will get you around America, Australia and most of Europe at a push, but learn Spanish or Chinese as well, and you’ll be able to make your way around most of the world.


Even if traveling isn’t your thing, even if you mostly like staying in, you probably still use the internet, or maybe you want to take on your mates on XBOX live. The technology we have today makes it easier than ever to connect with people from around the world, but once we’ve connected, we need to be able to communicate. It’s fantastic to be able to play XBOX against your friends even when you’re not in the same room, but English is only spoken in eight of the 26 countries that have XBOX live. Imagine how good it would be to learn Spanish, French or German and connect with all those other people as well!

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