Sacaron in Spanish

‘This article will tell you what ‘sacaron’ means in Spanish. ‘Sacaron’ is a word which means ‘they/you(plural) took out’ in the Preterite tense. This term means to get something from one place to another or to carry something out. It is also used in a sense to discard or get rid of something.

Sacaron in Spanish

How to translate sacaron in Spanish?

*they (ellas/ellos), you(ustedes) took out* (plural) – sacaron

to take out – sacar


Lily: Carlos, ¿sacaron ya la basura? | Carlos, did you take out the garbage yet?

Carlos: Sí | Yes


Sacaron una rata muerta de la oficina
Sacaron todas las ropas nuevas
Nos sacaron de allí


They took a dead rat out of the office
They took out all the new clothes
They took us out of there

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