Correcting in spanish

This article will tell you how do you say ‘correcting’ in Spanish. ‘Correcting’ is a word which means to rectify or amend any mistakes or wrong-doings. It is also used to tell about if someone is saying a right thing or not. This word is translated as ‘corrigiendo’, ‘rectificando’ which is the present participle conjugation of ‘correct’ in Spanish.

Correcting in spanish

How to translate correcting in Spanish?

correcting – corrigiendo

rectifying – rectificando

correct – correcto (masc.), correcta (fem.)


Lily: Carlos, estuvimos corrigiendo todo | Carlos, we were correcting everything

Carlos: Está bien | OK


Ellos estaban corrigiendo las tareas
Luis estará corrigiendo los temas
Ustedes están corrigiendo lo mal hecho


They were correcting homework
Luis will be correcting the issues
You are correcting what is wrong

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