Ruca in Spanish

What does Ruca mean in Spanish?

The word “ruca in Spanish” has several meanings, depending on the country that uses it, below you will find a list of the meanings of the word “ruca”.

ruca in Spanish

1. “Ruca” is a cruciferous plant with purplish flowers.

2. “Ruca” also means spent knife.

3. In New Mexico this word is used as a sinonymous of: out of style.

4. In Honduras, useless, mean, and ugly.

5. An older woman, crudely said “mujer vieja”

6. In Chile and Cuba  the home, house, hut, dwelling of some native peoples are called “ruca”. It is a word of Mapuche origin that means house, home.


Spanish Vocabulary: 

fuera de estilo – out of style 

mujer vieja – old woman 

cuchillo – knife

flores – flowers

casa – house

feo(a) – ugly

inútil – useless

ruin – mean

choza – hut

vivienda – dwelling



Esa mujer ya está muy “ruca” (vieja), busca una más joven. – That woman is already very ruca(old woman), she is looking for a younger one.

Esa “ruca”(casa) está bien pequeña  – That ruca (house) is very small

La “ruca” (choza) se utiliza para significar a un tipo de vivienda rústica típica de Cuba. – The ruca is used to signify a type of rustic house typical of Cuba.



7. In Colombia it means woman of the house, home, servant.

8. In other countries it means woman of a happy life, prostitute.


Esa mujer es una “ruca” cara. – That woman is an expensive ruca.


9. In Mexico is used as a synonyms of “ruca”: woman, girlfriend, wife, lover.


En la noche voy a salir con mi “ruca”(novia) – At night I’m going out with my ruca.


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